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Christian Dawkins

Christian Dawkins

Hi, I’m Christian Dawkins, Personal Trainer At Peak Physique. I’ve been a personal trainer for a few years and started training at Peak Physique in February 2022. I received my bachelor’s from Western Michigan, and have my NASM certification. I’m very excited about working with Nick and Lissa, as well as the wonderful clients who train here!

Favorite Personal Training Moments

When my mother began training at Peak Physique. It takes a lot to see eye to eye, and that understanding not only solidified that I should keep training but also brought water to my eyes.

Why I Like Training

I believe at the end, your body is what you start and end with. The wear and tear over the years you put onto your body is not properly explained in the beginning of training, and you can really hurt yourself trying to make yourself better. At Peak Physique, we understand that what has not been told or taught to you is not your fault when it comes to understanding how to make changes in your body, including past injuries, surgeries, or lifestyle choices the past has behind you. We ultimately want to be your guide when it comes to learning how to make these changes.

Why I’m A Trainer

Personal training is preventative care and personal care! I can’t imagine doing anything other than this. Fitness is my healthcare plan, and it helps me control the outcome of my life outside of the gym.

I also enjoy becoming more aware of what the human physiology is capable of. Many believe that some are restricted or incapable of change; helping guide that change brings joy. I love helping overall and Peak Physique and I share the same vision.

My Advice To People Who Want To Workout

The first portion is learning your habits and what needs to change.

Second is to be in practice of those changes to a point where it is natural, then learn how to be in control of those stressors.

Lastly, test your limits safely and in a controlled state.

I’ll be there the whole way.

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My Hobbies

I have been a fan of Dragon Ball Z since I could recall memories, thus opening this eye for movement with expression and purpose behind it. In retrospect helped guide my journey into understanding the body more, just to try and mimic for the most part what I saw on television.

A Little More About Me

I started with karate going into adolescence, and later track and football all came at the same time in high school. While in college, I played club rugby for a few semesters before going into the workforce full-time.

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