9 Healthy Grilling Recipes You Have to Try This Spring

March 24, 2022 in Healthy Food

9 Healthy Grilling Recipes You Have to Try This Spring

healthy grilling recipes

There’s nothing better than finally getting to take your grill out and start cooking outside. Grills are so versatile in what you can cook, and it’s easy to make healthy food taste great!

Check out these healthy grilling recipes you’re going to want to try ASAP.

Grilling Pro Tip

Before getting into the healthy grilling recipes, we have to tell you about this pro tip to prevent your foods from sticking to the grill

When you turn your grill on, and after cleaning it, take a small bowl of olive oil, a few paper towels, and some tongs to the grill with you. Take your tongs, dip the paper towel into the oil so it’s moist but not dripping.

Then, rub the oiled towel on the grill, making sure to cover every part of the grill you’re going to put food on. This way, the food doesn’t stick to the grill while cooking, and you still get the attractive grill lines!

1. Grilled Lemon Garlic Chicken

We love the grilled lemon garlic chicken because it’s quick, easy, and tastes amazing. You can marinate the chicken the night before, so all you have to do the next day is take it out, and cook it up! It only takes 20 minutes on the grill, giving you more freedom in your night!

Plus, there aren’t that many ingredients in this recipe, so it’s something you can make when you haven’t been to the store for a while. 

Each serving is just 185 calories and is packed with protein. If you don’t eat all the chicken, it’ll stay fresh in your fridge for us to four days. This meal is great for prepping those busy weeks that always seem to happen in Spring.

2. Grilled Salmon

We love a little variety in our grilled foods, and this grilled salmon recipe is perfect! Not only is it an amazingly tasty main dish, but you can also let it cool and put it on salads for protein-packed sides or a quick lunch.

Grilling salmon does take some time and monitoring, but it will be worth it once it’s cooked. Plus, with only 207 calories per serving, you can add some fresh sides for a full meal!

3. Black Bean Burger

Trying to eat less meat or have vegetarian guests coming? Then you have to try these black bean burgers! They take less than an hour to make and cook, and you can even make them ahead for easy grilling.

We love making these for meatless Mondays and to make sure we’re eating enough beans!

4. Grilled Mango With Jalapenos

These grilled mangos with jalapenos are a fresh, fun, and easy side to add to any of your meals. Plus, they’re low in calories and take hardly any time on the grill. We recommend cooking these last since they are so quick, and you want to serve them hot.

If you don’t like spice, keep the jalapenos off, use less cayenne and replace with paprika! You’ll still get the beautiful color and taste of these grilled treats that everyone can enjoy.

5. Grilled Kabobs

We love the marinade in this grilled kabobs recipe, but we’ve adapted it to our tastes to get a meal with sides. We first use olive oil instead of vegetable oil, and we make two batches so we can marinade veggies on the side. The recipe calls for you to a food processor to mix, but we skip that step and whisk briskly.

In the veggies bag, feel free to add:

  • Red, green, and yellow peppers cut into chunks
  • Onions
  • Fresh pineapple or lemon chunks (never both at the same time, trust me)
  • Anything else you love to grill

When the marinade has sat for some time, take your skewers and alternate between meat and veggies, I personally love it when the pineapple grills directly next to the chicken. 

We love how versatile this recipe is and how you can really customize it to your needs. You can switch the chicken out for shrimp, just don’t marinate it for more than 15 minutes. When shrimp sits in lemon, it tends to get a little mushy, so be careful of that!

6. Cedar Plank Salmon

If you’re looking for fine dining and don’t mind taking the time to cook, this cedar plank salmon is right for you. It does take a lot of prep work and extra cookware, such as a cedar plank, but once you’ve tried it, you’ll wish you had done it sooner.

7. Scallops With Sauce

While we’re talking about grilling seafood, you have to try these grilled scallops with remoulade sauce. They take only 20 minutes to make and are low in calories, so you have room to try these other recipes with it.

8. Flounder on Banana Leaves

If you’re looking to try a new recipe, you have to give this flounder on banana leaves a try. We know one of the reasons people don’t grill fish is because it tends to fall through the grates. That’s where the banana leaves come in.

By using these, you get the flavor of a grilled meal without worrying about losing it to the grill. These are light, easy to make, and look great for Instagram!

9. Grilled Corn

You can’t go wrong with this grilled corn recipe. It’s tasty, easy to make, and will leave you with enough for everyone to enjoy.

Plus, you get to cook with beer! Don’t worry, though; all the alcohol is cooked out, so even kids can enjoy it.

Enjoy Your Healthy Grilling Recipes This Year!

Now that you know our favorite healthy grilling recipes, we can’t wait to see what you make! Be sure to share photos with us on Facebook and Instagram!

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