“As a chiropractor I value highly the exercise program guided by professionals who have a firm grasp of anatomy and exercise physiology. If you’re looking for a way to meet your fitness goals quickly, safely, and surely, you need to check this place out. Beyond the wealth of knowledge that Nick, Lissa, and their trainers have, they use top of line technology and metrics to ensure you get there and have the routine that’s truly best for you! Highly recommend.

~Dr. Joshua Durand, Google

“Peak Physique is THE best training around. My entire family uses their knowledgeable trainers. Nick and Lissa make everyone feel welcome and they have a wealth of knowledge in all things fitness. They have helped fix tons of old sports injuries I have and foster a fun but focused workout experience. Peak Physique is simply the best!”

~Parker, Google

“I am very clear that without Nick & Lissa, I would be old:) I am 66 and in better shape than when I was 40. I feel great and they know how to keep it that way.”

~Gregory, Google

“Fun, effective personal training. Very knowledgeable staff that doesn’t give you a cookie cutter workout. Each client is trained based on their goals and abilities.”

~Mike, Google

“Lissa is an amazing trainer! She helped me immensely at the end of my pregnancy to keep moving & do the right exercises. She also was an awesome advocate postnatal & helped me get back on my feet again and encouraged me both as a new mom and to get my confidence back! All the staff is very friendly, friendly, and great atmosphere. Thanks, Peak Physique!”

~ Sarah, Google

“This is more than just a gym, it’s a full body mobility and strength facility. I have gained so much strength, but also eliminated so much pain and discomfort and love going. Whenever I have an ache or pain, the trainers know how to help work to eliminate it and I’m forever grateful!”

~Candice, Google

“I started working out at Peak Physique earlier this past spring, 2 weeks before finding out I was expecting my second child. I didn’t exercise through my first pregnancy, and I really wanted to stay active this time so I had a conversation with Lissa about my goals upon finding out I was pregnant.

Her knowledge and experience made me feel very comfortable deciding to continue to work out with her through my pregnancy. She gently encouraged to keep my body moving during the rough first trimester, while still respecting my limits. Now as I’m nearing my third trimester, I feel stronger than I ever have, even more than pre-pregnancy, and I’m so excited to continue to see what my body can do.

I love going to Peak Physique and hanging out with the team while getting a good workout. I’ve recommended Lissa and her team to several friends, and look forward to training with her for the duration of my pregnancy and once my baby is born.

~Emily E.

“I trained with Nick and his team for around 2.5 years, 2x a week.

Discovered Nick and his team by doing a random Google search. Best thing that has ever happened to me, hands down. I was looking to make a life change (both physically and mentally). This is not your typical gym. The minute you walk through the door you’re greeted like family. Nick and his team are very professional and look at you not as a number but as a person. They will work with you to accomplish your goals. Over the 2.5 years that I trained with them my body completely changed. I gained strength, started sleeping better at night and had a much more positive attitude. Those were the best parts. The change that you see in the mirror after working with the Peak Physique team is great (and trust me, you will see change) but the mental change was what was what made the most impact. Don’t expect to see results immediately. That’s just not how your body works. But you can bet that Nick and his team will push you each time you visit and in time you will see results. Be up-front and honest with them about your goals and concerns. They will address them without any judgment. His team has taken an immense amount of pre-cautions given the current COVID pandemic situation and they continue to adapt as time goes on.

If you’re still hesitant because other gym environments put a bad taste in your mouth, I urge you to just pick up the phone and talk with Nick and his team. Give them a shot, even if it’s just for a quick consultation, and you’ll see why I would recommend these guys hands-down 100% of the time to anyone in the Metro-Detroit area.”
– Derrick, Google

“I have been going to Nick for three years. I decided to join Peak Physique after a knee injury. Nick has helped me with my physical strength and pain management. He and his trainers are always there to guide and help.”
– Kashmira, Google

“Nick and Lissa are absolutely amazing (as is the other staff). They have been beyond patient and helpful as I learn!! Always a great encouraging atmosphere!!”
– Sara, Facebook

“I have been working with Lissa for over a year now through a virtual training program. It’s perfect – I have the benefit of working with Lissa directly, without having to be physically present! She creates workout routines that are specific to my goals and can increase the difficulty as I improve. We work through an app where we can communicate, but I can also track my progress. The workouts are loaded to a calendar by day and even include videos so I can pay close attention to form. If ever I have trouble, I can easily contact Lissa so we can talk through my difficulties. She is encouraging and motivating in a way that shows she truly cares about my health and fitness goals. I highly recommend Peak Physique – Lissa and Nick provide best in class service, while still maintaining that feeling like you’re part of the family.”

– Rhiannon, Google

“Lissa and Nick are very knowledgeable without being intimidating. They truly want the best for their clients, and will meet them at whatever stage of life they are in. They have worked with my 76-year-old mother in law, helping her grow her strength and keep her balance, which leaves us all feeling more secure in her ability to take care of herself for the years to come.”
– Elizabeth, Google

“Very individualized training from staff with superior knowledge of physiology. Nick ( the owner) has extensive background in training young and old with varying levels of physical abilities. I am over 60 with knee problems and I have gained so much in strength, core and balance. Each staff member knows your abilities and there is consistent coordination among them. This business has become family to me.
I cannot thank them enough.”
– Ella, Google

“The thought of having a personal trainer has always been one of the most intimidating things to me. I always thought I had to be in shape first before I could begin to walk into a gym without being laughed out. Peak physique showed me just how wrong that was. They believe in strengthening not only your body but your mind. They are so knowledgeable and really listen to every thing you have to say. I had just had my fourth csection and doing any kind of ab work felt like my incision was being ripped back open even though it had been months since my son’s birth. Instead of assuming I was just lazy and complaining like one might expect a trainer to think, they taught me how to modify ab work to strengthen from the inside. They explained the science behind it to help me understand my body. Simple things that use to hurt and cause me so much discouragement I can now do with ease. I’m on a path to building a body that will carry me well into my 90s. A body that can run and play and jump with my children. I’ve learned a simple morning routine that has eliminated back and shoulder pain that comes from working at a desk for hours a day. This absence of pain has made way for a healthy and strong lifestyle. I’m so excited and grateful to be on this journey with them.”
– Rachel, Google

“Being recommended to check Peak Physique Fitness was and has been one of the best experiences for me. The trainers are amazing. I feel so much better. They encourage me and I continue to improve . They are very knowledgeable and work with everyone at their own level, my core balance and self esteem continue to improve. As my grandmother use to say “if you don’t use it you lose it” is definitely true. Again thanks to the entire staff.”
– Diana, Facebook

“Nick and Lissa are the best trainers I’ve ever had. Walking in to Peak Physique is like coming home. They’re supportive. They care about you. They listen. Then they push you to do things you didn’t know you were capable of. I’ve had other trainers in the past, and these guys are the best!”
– Carol, Google

“My husband and I have been working out 3 times a week with Nick, Lissa and the team at Peak Physique for about 15 months. Prior to that, we had worked with another personal trainer for two years with minimal results. When we initially came to Peak Physique for our first workout, Nick said he could help me with a shoulder rotation issue I had had for several years. I was a bit skeptical, but within 6 weeks I had achieved full rotation and was able to begin truly strengthening my arms and shoulders for the first time in years!
The entire team at Peak Physique is very professional and well-versed in the muscle system. We absolutely LOVE the variety of workouts and the unique spin that each trainer brings to our workout. Best of all, our bodies are stronger and more fit than they have been in years!
Many thanks to Nick, Lissa and the entire team at Peak Physique Troy!”
– Sherri, Google

“Everyone at Peak Physique is super nice and very knowledgeable! It’s like one big family there. Nick is an amazing trainer and has been very helpful to me. I always feel much better when I walk out of there. He works hard to individualize workouts according to my needs.”
– Eleni, Facebook

“Have worked out here several times. Very professional and courteous. Have done personal training and boot camp style classes, both done very well.

“Nick helped me get over and recover from a knee injury. Would highly recommend Peak Physique to anyone looking [to] get started losing weight or getting in shape.”
– Jason, Google

“I have been working with Lissa at Peak Physique for about 4 months, and this is the best decision I have ever made for my health! Lissa is an expert trainer who will help you make and reach long term goals if you are serious about improving your health and having a better looking body.

Lissa created a program specifically for my needs. I am a former professional dancer and have a ton of past injuries. Since my children were born, I have not been able to either maintain a healthy weight or find a workout program that brings me forward. I have tried to work with several trainers, but they were either too easy or didn’t know how to work around my injuries, so I did not consider working with one again.

I was so discouraged by the extra pounds from Covid isolation that I decided to give it a go and do my own exercise and diet. I made a little progress, but was not able to go beyond a certain point. As a last-ditch effort to get into shape, I decided to bit the bullet and spend the money on trying to work with a trainer. Lissa impressed me with her education and her experience in the field. At our first meeting, we discussed how she could work with MY needs. In the past, many of the trainers I worked with just tried to push me through a program. Lissa sometimes changes what we are doing on the spot so that we can work a muscle group, without irritating any of my injuries.

Lissa works around my injuries – if one exercise doesn’t work, she automatically switches to another. I have lost inches around my arms and legs over the past few months, my friends and family are already noticing how good I look.

If you are serious about getting into shape, losing weight and want to work with a trainer who will create a program just for YOU, I highly recommend Lissa. 5 stars!”

– Elizabeth, Google

“I have been working out with the trainers at Peak Physique for two years. I set a goal to get strong and fit enough to run a 5K. Helping me meet my goal became my trainers goal. I am happy to say we were successful. I ran a 5K and then a 10K. I have never felt stronger or enjoyed working out so much. Great, qualified trainers, wonderful workouts. I ♥️ Peak Physique.”
– Susan, Google

“I had a heart attack in October of 2018 and quit smoking and gained 80 lbs and just didn’t feel like myself. I found Peaking physique a year later by accident when I stopped for coffee and I’m so grateful. Coming to Peak helps me feel good, lose weight, prevent another heart attack, and make friends. I highly recommend Peak Physique and their trainers.”
– Elizabeth, Google

“Working with Nick at Peak Physique as my personal trainer and nutritionist has been hands-down the best and most life-changing decision I have made for my body and it’s well-being. Having gone through a season of my life riddled with health, nutrition, and exercise issues that resulted in atrophied muscles and being severely underweight, I met with Nick to go over what he could do to help, and after just that first consultation session, I knew it was the right decision to work with him. He has customized an exercise and nutrition plan for me, including one-on-one workouts and even at-home/on-the-road workouts based on what equipment I have available. He is always available for help, questions, and guidance, giving expert and well-researched feedback. Ever since working with him, I have been much stronger, have had better flexibility, posture, core strength, and energy levels, have a firm and trusted eating plan to help nourish and strengthen my body, and a vastly improved mindset – all of which are adding up to noticeable results as we work together to get me back to where I need to be. I cannot thank Nick and Peak Physique enough for all they have done for me so far, and I look forward to working together for many more years to come! Keep up the great work and God Bless”
– Anthony, Google

“I’ve worked with both Nick and Lissa and think they are both very knowledgeable and caring instructors. I’ve worked with their online app and in the studio. They answered my questions immediately through the app even as late as 10pm which is obviously after hours.”
– Joe, Google

“The owners and trainers are extremely knowledgeable! They work with the whole body, not just an injured part, like PT does. I have sent 2 friends here. The programs are individualized and we all have improved greatly. I look forward to continuing my journey with them.”
– Michelle, Google

“Lissa & Nick are so Compassionate about what they do! I did a 3 week challenge working with them and they definitely went above & beyond to assist me in reaching my fitness goals! It was all done from home but they gave me meal plans and exercise regimens! I definitely can’t wait to check out their gym and continue my journey! They are Persistent and Encouraging I’d Totally recommend Peak Physique Fitness!”
– Amanda, Google

“Great personal training studio! Well-qualified staff who genuinely care about developing your fitness, strength, and overall happiness as a person. Always friendly, always encouraging, you will leave the studio each visit feeling stronger in body and happier in mind. The owner and staff are passionately dedicated to help you achieve your goals and will continue to encourage you when you are tempted to give up. All ages, all sizes, and all levels of fitness are welcomed and accepted. I have been a client for 3 months now and have lost weight, gained muscle tone, and become a happier, more confident person.

Don’t wait, call Peak Physique and take your body back!”
– Deborah, Google

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