Healthy Snacks to Curb Your Cravings

September 23, 2021 in Healthy Food

Healthy Snacks to Curb Your Cravings

healthy snacks

We’re all guilty of it. Going to the fridge because we crave something sweet or want a snack to eat during our favorite show.

These quick snacks tend to be fatty or unhealthy since they typically don’t need any preparation to be eaten. 

Since we’ve all been there, we decided to tell you about some of our go-to healthy snacks that keep cravings to a minimum and keep our diet on track.

Snacks for Salt Cravings

It’s way too easy to go to the cabinet, grab a bag of chips, and eat the entire bag to satisfy your salt craving. Instead, try these snacks that are almost as easy to make.

Air Popped Popcorn 

Popcorn can actually be very healthy if it’s not popped in fatty oils and covered in butter. You can add some coconut butter and a touch of sea salt to get a little extra flavor if you find it too bland.

But don’t stop there! Add extra spices from your cabinets, such as garlic or paprika, to increase the flavor without increasing your salt intake.

Guacamole and Tortilla Chips

When done right, guacamole and chips can be a very healthy snack! However, don’t overdo it on either, as avocados can be a bit fatty, and so can tortilla chips. 

Our tip is to dish yourself up some guacamole and chips, then put them away. This way, you limit how much you eat but can still enjoy the treat. 

Salt-Free Nuts

Reach for nuts like almonds or salt-free peanuts when you need a hard crunch. This healthy snack is a great way to curb your salt craving without eating any salt at all.

But, just like everything else, don’t overdo it. Nuts are calorie-dense, and it’s easy to eat a lot without realizing it. Be sure to grab a bowl of nuts rather than taking the whole package with you.

Cucumbers and Tomatoes

It may not seem like a lot, but this can be a great snack when you want some salt in your life. Take fresh cucumbers and tomatoes, cut them up, and toss with cilantro, sea salt, and a touch of pepper. You’ll be surprised by how tasty it is.

Cucumbers and tomatoes are both low-calorie and very filling. I like using baby tomatoes for an extra crunch while eating as well.

Snacks for Sweet or Chocolate Cravings

It’s hard not to indulge in a chocolate treat and sugary snack now and again. It’s only an issue when it starts to happen every day. Try some of these tasty snacks instead.

Chocolate Covered Strawberries

This is not a fast treat to make, but it’s definitely one that’s worth it. Melt dark chocolate in a double boiler over the stove and dip clean, fresh strawberries into the chocolate. Let them set on some parchment paper, then enjoy!

Fresh Fruit

The best advice I can give to prevent fresh fruit from going bad in the fridge is to clean, cut, and portion it out as soon as it gets home from the store. This way, it’s an easy snack for you or your kids to grab and eat instead of reaching for the prepackaged snacks you have.

Any fruit will do to satisfy your sweet craving since they contain natural sugars.

Snacks Instead of Fried Food

When all you want is french fries or fried pickles, it can seem like nothing will replace it. But that’s where you’re wrong! These snacks do a great job at helping to curve fatty cravings.

Air Fried Foods

If you don’t have an air fryer, you’re missing out. You can make many of your favorite deep-fried foods and cook them in an air fryer for a healthier alternative. And the best part is it tastes just as great.

Oven-Fried Foods

We know not everyone owns an air fryer, but that doesn’t mean you’re out of luck on fried snack alternatives. Turn your oven on and make some oven-baked chicken or mozzarella sticks for the fried taste without the fats.

Sweet Potato Chips

If you like sweet potatoes, you’re going to love these chips. Cooked in your oven, these make a great snack you can make now and enjoy later.

Healthy Snacks for Any Mood

If you’re not craving anything and just want a healthier snack, these options will work for you too!


An easy snack to grab and go with is yogurt! You don’t have to do anything to prepare it, and as long as you get the more natural brands, it’s healthy!

They come in a variety of flavors, too, so you can satisfy any craving you may have!

Protein Bars

Available in endless flavors, a protein bar is just what you need to curb any craving you have. Be sure to read the labels and avoid brands that use too much sugar for a healthy snack.

Cottage Cheese

This is one of those snacks that are easy to eat quickly and really fills you up. If you’re looking for more flavor, put some fresh fruit in with it for extra energy and taste.

Try These Healthy Snacks Today!

Now that you know our favorite healthy snacks to curb cravings give them a try today! Remember, the key to eating healthy is maintaining a nutritious diet and getting regular exercise.

If eating right alone isn’t giving you the results you need, consider training with us! We’ve been helping people just like you get back into shape, lose weight, and feel better and healthier for years, and we would love the opportunity to train with you! Contact us today to get started.

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