How Can a Sports Trainer Improve Your Game?

July 26, 2021 in Personal Training

How Can a Sports Trainer Improve Your Game?

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It’s natural to strive to be the best at your sport, but sometimes going to every practice and working on your own isn’t going to cut it.

That’s where a sports trainer comes in and can help.

Learn how a sports trainer can help you reach your full potential in your favorite sport.

What Is A Sports Trainer?

A sports trainer is typically a personal trainer specializing in building muscles that help you perform your sport better. When you visit them, it will feel like a private training session when you see them, but the exercises they have you do will be focused on the muscle groups you use the most.

They will also help you develop muscles you don’t typically use to make sure you have strength in all areas. Depending on the sports you play will depend on the exercises you do.

For example, the exercises we have baseball players do vary significantly compared to the ones we have a marathon runner do.

They Tailor Your Exercises

One of the things a sports trainer does the best is making exercises for you that help you perform better. Not only do they consider your sport, but they also consider the position you play and what your strengths and weaknesses are.

They’re going to create a workout plan for both during your season and in the off-season to keep you in peak shape all year long.

Football Sports Trainer

If you’re a football player on offense, your exercises will be focused more on agility and speed. If you’re on the defense line, your trainer will have you focus on bulking up and being able to block.

Even if you’re the kicker, you can benefit from the full-body workout a personal trainer can provide.

Baseball Sports Trainer

If you’re a baseball player who can pitch no-hitter games but can’t run the bases when it’s your turn to bat, the trainer will help you work on your speed and leg strength.

If you can hit every ball that comes to you but can’t catch any grounders that come your way, your trainer will create specific exercises to help you with your weaknesses.

Hockey Sports Trainer

Training off the ice is as essential as training on the ice. You need to make sure you have the strength to check someone into the boards and the ability to bounce right back after being checked.

If you’re running out of steam halfway through the game, a sports trainer can help you build your stamina to last longer than the other team.

Soccer Sports Trainer

Legs are everything in soccer, but people often forget about their arms and focus on exercises that build their legs.

This is why a professional trainer is necessary. They will help you build muscles you don’t typically use.

Track Sports Trainer

Just because you’re a runner doesn’t mean the only exercise you do should be running. Instead, you need to focus on building your leg strength so you can run as far as your stamina lets you.

Doing squats, leg presses, and other exercises your trainer recommends will help you develop more than the typical running muscles.

Dancer Sports Trainer

It’s hard to perform an entire routine without the stamina and strength professional dancers need. As a dancer, you need to be able to give it your all during your performance without giving out halfway through.

You also typically work your legs while dancing, leaving your arms out of the picture. A trainer will help you tone your entire body so you can dance gracefully all night long.

Cheerleading Sports Trainer

It’s not easy to tumble, then turn around and throw someone in the air and catch them. So even if you don’t do competition cheerleading, it’s essential to build all of your muscles and stamina to last the entire football game.

Swimmer Sports Trainer

Don’t focus all your time swimming; you also need to hit the gym. After training with a swimming sports trainer, you’ll notice how you can build other muscles outside the water.

You need strong arms to pull you through the water, and by using weights, you can build them larger than swimming alone.

Marching Band Trainer

People don’t realize how much power and strength it takes to be part of a marching band. Not only do you have to play the music perfectly, but you also need to walk around carrying your instrument and staying in line.

Work on your coordination and overall strength with a trainer early on to make it through practices and performances.

How do I find the right sports trainer for me?

Ask your coach for recommendations; they’ll know local trainers who are qualified and have experience in training for your sport. Remember: it’s always okay to ask for help! Doing so will improve your game and make sure you’re not injured for overworking.

If your coach doesn’t have any recommendations, then turn to the internet. Look for local personal trainers who work with athletes and specialize in your sport.

Start Training Harder Today

Now that you know what a sports trainer is and how they help you reach your full potential, it’s time to put in the work starting today!

If you’re in the Troy, Michigan, area, contact Peak Physique today. We’ve been helping people just like you reach new heights in their sports every year, and we can’t wait to help you, too!

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