How Much Does A Personal Trainer Cost? Everything You Need To Know

November 8, 2021 in Education, Personal Training

How Much Does A Personal Trainer Cost? Everything You Need To Know

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Figuring out how much does a personal trainer cost and how much you should budget is easier than you think! Prices vary depending on where you live, and since we’re in Troy, MI, we’re going to help you understand the costs near you!

Keep reading to learn how to budget for a trainer and why you should work with a trainer today.

How Much Does A Personal Trainer Cost?

When looking at personal training costs, you have to consider factors such as how many sessions you’ll be doing, if you train alone or with a friend, and the experience level of your trainer. On average, personal training can cost between $20 – $100 per session.

How Packages Affect Price

One of the most significant variables that cause that prices to be such an extensive range is the type of training you do. At Peak Physique, we offer multiple training services, such as one on one personal training or shared personal training.

With one-on-one personal training, it’s you and one other trainer working exclusively during the entire session. This is great for people who aren’t as confident in themselves and want to work out alone.

In shared personal training, you work with a trainer and one other person. They can be your friend, or they can be someone we set you up with. You still get personalized training and most likely won’t be doing the same workouts as your partner, but the trainer’s attention is split between you. 

Shared personal training is less expensive since the trainer gets to work with two people rather than one, so the cost is lower.

How Sessions Affect Price

The number of sessions you commit to monthly and weekly will also affect how much you will be spending. If you go to your trainer three times a week, it’s going to cost more than if you only go once a week.

At Peak, our sessions last one hour, but if you’re at another gym and they offer training sessions in half-hour breaks, it’s going to cost more to go longer. 

How To Get An Accurate Price

The best way to get an accurate price when starting personal training is to contact the gym and ask about their packages and prices. Be sure to talk to them about how often you should be going and how long each session will last.

As we mentioned, at Peak, we have many training options, so be sure to ask about different packages so you get an accurate quote! We also offer a free consultation and first workout to ensure we’ll both be a good fit and you get the training you deserve!

Should I Tip My Personal Trainer?

Nope! As personal trainers, we do not expect you to tip us! You’re paying for our services, and there’s nothing more you need to pay.

We think of our clients like our family and end up getting very close with them, so they will sometimes buy us gifts during the holidays. However, that is NEVER expected and always appreciated. 

How Much Should I Budget?

You should budget between $300 – $400 per month to spend on personal training if you truly want to see results. This is a great range to start, but if it’s too high, contact your personal trainer to see how they can work with the budget you have in mind.

Is Personal Training Worth It?

So, is personal training worth it? It’s something we get asked often, and the easy answer is yes, of course! Personal trainers help you to exercise safely and put you on a path toward success.

If you’ve never worked out before or aren’t seeing progress in your solo workouts, the cost of hiring a professional to help you is absolutely worth it. They can prevent injuries from you exercising improperly and teach you how your body loses weight and gains muscle.

Personal trainers can also help you with your nutrition. They’ll be able to tell you which foods you can eat and which ones you should enjoy in moderation.

Why Choose Peak Physique

At Peak Physique, we offer customized personal training packages that are built on our experience from working with people just like you. No matter what level you’re at, the injuries you face, or the challenges you have, we can help you work through them.

Our clients rave about working with us and can’t wait to start their next session. Even if you think your situation is unique and no one can help, give us a try! Your first workout is free, and we can’t wait to help you.

Hire Your Personal Trainer Today!

Now that you know how much does a personal trainer cost and why you should work with one, it’s time for you to hire yours today! Remember to talk with your trainer about how many sessions you want and that you never need to tip after your workout!

Are you ready to start your personal training journey? Then contact us today! We’ve been helping people reach their fitness goals for years, and we can’t wait to help you, too!

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