How to Lose Belly Fat And Keep It Off With a Personal Trainer

November 8, 2022 in Personal Training

How to Lose Belly Fat And Keep It Off With a Personal Trainer

how to lose belly fat

Many people struggle to reduce belly fat, but there is help. By working with a personal trainer and slightly changing your diet, you can reduce your waistline in the long run.

While it may not be easy, it is possible! Learn how to lose belly fat and keep it off by hiring a personal trainer.

Why Is Losing Belly Fat Hard?

One of the reasons reducing weight around your waist is hard is that you can’t target it directly. As much as we wish we could focus exercises on our core and only lose weight there, that’s not how our bodies work. When we lose extra fat, we lose it across our entire body.

Belly fat is considered an active fat, unlike other fat that sits dormant. This active fat releases hormones that impact your health. To lose that fat, you need to burn calories, and it’s often the last fat your body works to burn.

Because if that, it’s not enough to just eat healthily or to just exercise. You have to do both.

Why Is Keeping Belly Fat Away Even Harder?

The older we get, the harder it is to lose weight and keep it off. This is because our stomachs store fat when we don’t exercise enough to burn the extra calories we eat.

Losing the weight you want around your stomach is the first step in your physical journey. However, if you don’t continue eating right and exercising, you’ll start putting the weight back on. 

Once you reach your goal with losing weight, you can relax a bit more on your diet and exercise, but be careful with this. Don’t fall back into old habits, or you’ll gain the fat back much faster than you lost it.

How to Lose Belly Fat With a Personal Trainer

One of the questions we get a lot here at Peak Physique is how to lose my belly fat and how to keep it away. The answer is simple but it takes hard work and dedication to achieve.

The reason it’s easier to lose weight with a personal trainer is because of the consistency in your routine with challenging workouts. When you train alone, you’re more likely to ease up on yourself and not get into the calorie-burning mode your body requires.

A personal trainer will ensure you stick to a routine and burn calories in every session. We’re also here to help you make healthy diet choices and keep you honest and on track with your goals.

Tips to Lose Belly Fat and Keep It Off

You can do many things to start losing belly fat on your own or with the help of a personal trainer.

Consistent Exercise

According to the CDC, adults need 150 minutes of moderate-intensity physical activity per week, with at least two of those days focusing on muscle strengthening. So if you decide to exercise every single day, that would be over 21 minutes a day. 

Remember, though; this is to maintain your current weight. If you’re looking to lose weight, especially around your belly, you need to burn more than that.

If you exercise with a personal trainer three times a week for 60 minutes, that gives you over the recommended amount with a professional that will help you reach your goals. Talk with your trainer about what session frequency will work best for you.

Avoid Trans Fat

Read the label of the foods you’re putting in your body! Trans fat can also be labeled as hydrogenated fats, so keep an eye out for those and try to avoid them.

Cook at Home

Ever wonder why the steak at a restaurant tastes so much better than the steak you made at home? It’s not just because of the professional chef; they also use a lot more butter than you do cooking at home. 

If you’re cooking a steak at home, you might use a tablespoon or two of butter for the entire recipe. That same steak cooked in a restaurant most likely uses up to two sticks of butter. 

Restaurants also typically have larger serving sizes compared to what you’d make and serve at home. So, while trying to lose weight, make sure you’re cooking healthy foods at home. Check out some of the tasty, healthy recipes we have here:

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Limit Alcohol Intake

Alcohol is empty calories, meaning they don’t provide your body with anything nutritious. By consuming alcohol, you’re only making your body work harder to achieve your desired results.

Reduce Stress

Of course, this is easier said than done. Stress causes you to store fat instead of burning it. On the plus side, exercise is proven to reduce your stress levels. 

By starting and sticking to a consistent exercise routine, you should start to see a reduction in your stress levels.

Keep Going!

No matter what, don’t quit! You can lose weight around your waist and keep it off as long as you don’t quit on yourself. 

Even on those days you want to give up, make sure to do something that attributes to your goals. Go for a walk, or eat a healthy snack to keep you motivated.

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