Is It Worth Getting a Personal Trainer? Absolutely: Here’s Why

February 22, 2023 in Personal Training

Is It Worth Getting a Personal Trainer? Absolutely: Here’s Why

Is It Worth Getting a Personal Trainer Absolutely Here’s Why

Many people wonder if working with a personal trainer is right for them, and we firmly believe in most cases, working with a personal trainer is right for everyone!

Depending on your goals and fitness level, a personal trainer can help you take your exercise to the next level. 

So, is it worth getting a personal trainer for you? Keep reading to find out!

I’m a Beginner

This is an easy one. Yes, if you’re a beginner, working with a personal trainer is absolutely worth it. We’ll be able to teach you about every single exercise in a judgment-free zone. As you exercise, you can rely on us to correct your form and encourage you to keep going so you see real results.

As you become more comfortable exercising and it becomes easier, our personal trainers will create more challenging exercises so you don’t hit a plateau. We can recognize when you’re trained enough and when you need to do those extra reps.

One of the biggest benefits of working with a trainer as a beginner is the relief that comes with knowing your trainer won’t let you get hurt by performing an exercise wrong. Secondary to that is seeing real results. 

I Go to the Gym Often

That’s great to hear! We love helping new clients who are avid gym goers do more with their workouts. Something we often see from people who start training with us after training alone for so long is their surprise at the equipment we use. 

We love resistance bands as much as we love dumbbells. By working with a personal trainer, you’ll strengthen your muscles and build overall strength. Our trainers ensure you’re never skipping leg day and that you’re building your core strength.

I Want to Lose Weight

Losing weight is one of the most common reasons people come to train with us. Our challenging workouts, real results, and fun environment are why they stay after losing their goal weight.

If weight loss is your goal, hardly anyone is more ready to help you reach your goals than your personal trainer. We write a lot about losing weight with a personal trainer, so be sure to check out these helpful articles:

I’m a Professional Athlete

Even professional athletes use personal trainers! In fact, many pros use personal trainers to ensure they’re staying in shape in the off-season and maintaining their strength during the season.

Our client, Jon, is a professional baseball player and trains with us every year before he goes back to playing Major League Baseball.

But, even if you’re not a professional athlete, there’s sports-specific personal training for every age, gender, and sport available. Do yourself a favor and work with a personal trainer so you can compete at your peak in every game.

I Can Self Motivate and Create a Fitness Plan

That’s easier said than done. A personal trainer can help you, even if you are self-motivated and can research your own fitness plan. It isn’t enough to just find exercises that tone your arms or promise to help you build the abs of your dreams.

Fitness encompasses your entire body, including your nutrition. A personal trainer can help you learn how to train for your unique body so you’re not wasting time reaching results. We’ll also help you learn about foods that fuel your body and those that hold you back.

Even the most motivated people need help when it comes to venturing into fitness. Let your personal trainer be your guide.

I Want to Compete in an Event

Whether you want to run your first marathon or train for a triathlon, a personal trainer will help you be prepared. When you come to us and tell us about something that’s upcoming and you want to train for, we’ll create a fitness plan, so you’re ready to compete without getting hurt.

It’s unrealistic to expect to be able to run a marathon after training for only a month, but typically if you give us six months of preparation, we’ll have you ready for most fitness events you can think of.

Personal Trainers Keep You Grounded and Realistic

We like to think we’re capable of everything and anything. Sometimes though, that’s not realistic. If you aim to gain 20 pounds of muscle mass, you can’t expect that to happen in only a month. Same if you want to lose 100 pounds.

A personal trainer will take your goals and show you a realistic path to reaching that goal, including a timeline for completion. Once you do reach that goal, we’ll be able to help you set new ones so you keep progressing.

Is It Worth Getting a Personal Trainer? Now You Know!

So, is it worth getting a personal trainer? Of course! Unless you’re highly motivated, thoroughly educated in fitness, and know how to create engaging exercises, it is worth it to get a personal trainer.

Personal trainers can help every single person, no matter their goals, age, or fitness level. Don’t hold yourself back by trying to get fit on your own. Instead, rely on your personal trainer to show you the way.

Be sure to follow these steps when you’re ready to hire a personal trainer. If you’re near Troy, Michigan, then Peak Physique is the private training gym for you! Contact us today to schedule your free consultation and first workout!

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