Peak Physique Has Moved, But Not Far!

December 16, 2021 in Personal Training

Peak Physique Has Moved, But Not Far!

peak physique has moved

Take note of our new address: 1071 E Long Lake Rd Troy, MI 48085

We moved to the corner section of the Long Lake Plaza, which is much bigger, so we can better serve you! Our sign has already been moved, and when you enter the plaza, we’re sure you’ll see us!

The space is much bigger than our old location, and we can’t wait for you to come train with us here.

What’s Different?

The most significant change you’ll see when you first come see us is the sheer size. We have more than doubled our old locations space, giving everyone more room to train.

We have specific spots for people to stretch and exercise, plus room for so much more equipment!

Our new spot is also so big we have two doors, but only one will let you in! Make sure you enter using the door to the right so we can see you!

Thank You!

We truly couldn’t have moved to this new location without your support. We’re so thankful to all of our clients who helped us get to this point!

We can’t wait to keep growing with you and continue to offer you the personal training services you deserve.

Come Train With Peak Physique

If you haven’t trained with us yet, it’s time to come see us! We offer one on one personal training as well as shared personal training to provide you with the specific training you want.

We’ve been helping our clients reach new fitness goals, as well as assisting them to live healthier and more comfortable lives. We’re not just giving you exercises to build muscle or lose weight. We train you to think about your daily activities and help you do them better.

If you have pain from sitting at a desk all day or just need to become active again, then please, contact us today so we can create a plan just for you. 


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