The Benefits Of Personal Training Gyms During COVID

October 22, 2020 in Education

The Benefits Of Personal Training Gyms During COVID

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Personal training gyms have an unlimited number of benefits to offer clients. Some clients prefer the smaller studio space, whereas others flourish in a large gym environment.

Not every client is the same, and neither is every personal training studio. Sometimes it can take a few tries before you find the right one for you.  

As we continue to grapple with Covid and major changes in our lifestyles, many people have put fitness to the wayside. We are here to let you know that is absolutely unnecessary and probably not the best idea.

We know exercise can boost immunity as well as keeping us healthier, stronger, and more mentally fit. It is incredibly important to continue to take care of our physical, mental, and emotional health and that includes exercise.

Keep reading to learn the benefits of personal training gyms and what considerations you should take to find the right personal training studio for you.

Why People Aren’t Jumping Back To Gyms

There are several understandable reasons people are not jumping up and down to return to their fitness routines. The most obvious is the warranted fear that the gym will not be clean enough to prevent the spread of Covid-19. 

At Peak Physique Fitness, we absolutely empathize with this fear and would undoubtedly feel it ourselves.

How We’re Staying Clean During Covid

For this very reason, we have taken steps to ensure that our studio is kept as clean as possible and as free of germs as possible. When a client comes to our personal training studio they enter their zone and remain there for the entirety of their personal training session. 


Each zone has the necessary equipment for their workout, and if something additional is needed the trainer, equipped with a mask, will retrieve it from another zone. Each and every piece of equipment that is touched is cleaned between clients by their trainer.

We know and appreciate that clients like to help us clean up after their workout but right now that is help we are not able to accept. We personally clean everything that is used so that we know it has been properly wiped down with industrial-grade cleaner. 

And this, my friends, is why I’m comfortable saying we have one up on our larger gym counterparts. Where they must depend on the client to wipe down equipment after use, we KNOW our equipment is clean. We love our clients and know that people mean well but we are not comfortable leaving anything to chance.

We also have separated our gym into zones as mentioned above. The zones are separated by shower curtains and velcroed closed when in use and have signs hung reminding others to not enter without a mask. 

Is it impossible that someone will walk into your area unmasked and near you? Of course not, but it is highly unlikely. In addition to the shower curtains, we have also staggered our start times for clients so we have time to properly clean between clients and to ensure we have the minimum amount of clients in our studio at the same time.  

The Benefits Of Personal Training Gyms Like Ours

Now that we’ve gone over some basics about how we’re staying safer during covid, and addressed why some may not be ready to get back to working out, let’s talk about the benefits of working out in a personal training gym such as Peak Physique.

1. Feeling Confident In Your Workout

In addition to safety, a big deterrent to returning to fitness routines is actually being embarrassed. We have been told more times than I can count that the client just isn’t in good shape right now, that they’ve gained some weight due to Covid, and they aren’t in the same shape they were when they left.

If our clients feel this way, I know that others who have worked out in larger gyms in the past most likely are struggling with the same insecurities. When you workout

When you workout with us you will never be laughed at, gawked at, or made fun of in any capacity. We always stress how much we truly want to help people and we do what we do to help you completely. 

We understand that it can be terrifying to walk away from your routine and 6 months later just pick it back up. That’s why we’re here to help you and guide you back to where you were.

2. Safety In Your Exercise

The last 6-7 months have wreaked havoc on our bodies as well as our minds. You can’t just pick up where you left off. In fact, picking up where you left off would not be a safe or effective choice.

This is something that the trainers at Peak Physique are very well aware of, and are prepared to help our clients through.

The first few weeks back for most clients look much different than the last few weeks they were here in March. We evaluate each and every client whether they are returning or are brand new to Peak Physique so that we can work together to them back to where they feel comfortable.

This is not something that can be accomplished overnight or in one trip back to the gym. Our trainers can safely and correctly design a program to deal with the extra pounds or aches and pains left when the gyms were closed.

3. Supportive Community

One last, and critically important benefit to a personal training studio is the availability of a community. It is so easy to feel lonely, isolated, and depressed right now. We must social distance, wear masks, and so many of the things we enjoy are no longer available to us right now.

One of our main goals at Peak Physique is to remind our clients of their extended gym family.  We are here not just to get you back into shape but to hear about your family, your job, and to let you know how very much you have been missed.  

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Start Training In Personal Training Gyms Today

Now that you know the benefits of training with personal training gyms, it’s time for you to get started today! 

In full disclosure, we can’t guarantee that every personal training studio will be like us, but if you’re in the Troy, MI area we would love to help you.

We also offer online training programs for people who want a personalized experience in a virtual environment. 

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