Try This Postpartum Workout Plan to Feel Better Today

January 6, 2023 in Personal Training

Try This Postpartum Workout Plan to Feel Better Today

postpartum workout plan

While we wish there were a one size fits all postpartum workout plan, the reality is that you need a customized workout plan. Each and every pregnancy is different because every person is different.

That’s why we’re here to help you create a postpartum workout plan that’s tailored to your unique needs and requirements. 

Benefits of Postpartum Workouts

The last thought on your mind after giving birth is probably when you’ll start exercising again. While you need to take time to heal, and enjoy your new bundle of joy, don’t discount the benefits personal training can bring to you now.

Exercise relieves stress, and with a newborn, you can expect a little more pressure in the home than you’re used to. However, exercise also improves your blood circulation, helps you sleep better at night, and will even help to re-energize you.

Before You Start Training

First, before you even start to think about exercise after childbirth, be sure to clear it with your doctor. As much as you might be feeling up to it (or not!), it’s essential to make sure your body is healthy enough to start working out again. 

Be patient with yourself, and allow time for your body to heal. Then, when you’re ready and your doctor clears you, start taking the first steps toward creating a workout plan that works.

Areas to Focus On During Postpartum Training

Your body has undergone quite a transformation, and taking small steps is essential when restarting exercise. You’ll want to focus on exercises that will build your strength up to make everyday tasks easier first. Start with these exercises before hopping on a treadmill.

Pelvic Floor Exercises

Your pelvic floor gave you a ton of support during your pregnancy, and it’s time to return the favor. Focus on exercises that will help you strengthen and heal your pelvic floor. Kegels are one of the most common pelvic floor exercises, but there are others to help build strength as well. 

A bridge exercise is excellent for your glutes and pelvic floor. You can also try bird dogs or yoga to rebuild your pelvic floor while gaining strength in your body. We recommend doing some sort of pelvic floor exercises each day. Even if it’s just for five minutes a day, it really adds up.

Arm and Leg Exercises

While your next thought might be to start working your core and getting your stomach flat, you must be patient. That’s why focusing on your arms and legs is a great way to keep your body moving without pushing too hard.

Start with bicep curls, shoulder presses, lateral raises, and tricep extensions to get your arms more toned. Use a resistance band to do these exercises until you feel comfortable adding more weight. Just make sure not to overdo it, so you’re not sore when you pick up your baby.

For your legs, start with some basic squats. Get a resistance band and place it over your thighs for a little extra workout. You can also do lunges or leg presses to add variety to your workout.

Core Exercises

One of the other major concerns postpartum is diastasis recti. This is when the space between the right and left ab muscles separates. It’s fairly common in pregnancy, and by working on core exercises, you’ll be able to bring strength back to your core.

We don’t recommend immediately going and starting to do as many crunches as possible. Instead, focus on other exercises that will help you rebuild your core strength, so you’ll be able to do harder exercises down the line. For example, try deep breathing, abdominal bracing, and kneeling pelvic tilts.

Don’t be discouraged if you cannot train on your core for very long. Instead, each time you exercise, try to push yourself a little further to continue building strength while taking care of yourself.

Cardio Exercise

Cardio isn’t just for you. Before you know it, your baby will be up and running around the house, forcing you to chase them down. That’s why when you’re feeling up to it, it’s time to start some more cardio exercises. Even something as simple as going biking to build up your cardio will help you tremendously down the line.

If biking or running is too much, even a brisk walk can get your blood flowing and give you a little bit of cardio.

Work With a Personal Trainer

At the end of the day, the best postpartum workout plan is going to come from your personal trainer. We know how to make sure you’re doing exercises that are going to benefit you and keep you safe. 

You’ll never have a dull workout or feel discouraged after a session when you have a trainer who helps you set and beat your goals. Everyone could use a little extra support after giving birth, and by working with a trainer, you’ll get the help you need to start to gain your confidence back.

There are so many benefits to working out with a personal trainer, even if it is just a few times each week.

Create Your Postpartum Workout Plan Today

Now that you know what goes into creating a postpartum workout plan, it’s time to put it to use and start training! Remember, give your body time to heal, and always consider using a personal trainer to aid in your exercise.

If you’re ready to start exercising with a postpartum personal trainer, contact us today! Our trainers are experienced with training those who are pregnant or just gave birth. Feel confident knowing we’ll help you reach your fitness goals every step of the way.

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