4 Reasons Why Private Training Gyms Are Safer For You

November 27, 2020 in Education, Personal Training

4 Reasons Why Private Training Gyms Are Safer For You

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We are feeling overwhelmingly grateful that at Peak Physique Fitness, we are able to continue to operate as “business as new usual”. We are continuing to operate as we have since we’ve reopened post-Covid. 

Since we are strictly personal training and do not offer group fitness classes, the latest order has not altered our operations. This is one of the main reasons why we believe private training gyms are safer.

Are we operating as we were a year ago? Absolutely, positively, no! We still remain closed in the evenings and weekends and limit the number of clients and trainers.  

While it can be tempting to look backward and mourn the changes that have been required of our small business to survive, we’ve decided to only look forward. Those changes are allowing us to not only remain open but grow amid this unstable environment we all find ourselves living. We have been steadily adding clients weekly and growing more comfortable with our new policies and procedures.

How Our Previous Clients Feel About Our Changes

As our previous Peak Physique clients that have returned will tell you, things are the same but different. Our training is individualized, focused, and tailored to a client’s needs. This is one area where we differ from group fitness classes. 

With that being said, I’d like to make clear I am actually a huge fan of group fitness classes and attribute my career as a trainer to boot camps and Jazzercise. I fell in love with not only the exercise but the community and the energy that comes along with training with others. There is something so exhilarating about finishing a really tough boot camp, workout, dance exercise class with a group of friends. I love sharing that feeling of accomplishment with others. When Covid hit we had numerous people suggest we start doing group classes outside in order to stay open. We thought about it, talked about it, and decided to stay true to what we do best. And classes are not what we do best at Peak Physique Fitness. We are truly a personal training studio with individualized training and programs written for each and every client.    

Looking For Something New, But Safe?

With all that being said I’d like to extend an invitation to those that have been misplaced in regards to their workout routine and are open to trying something new. There is a reason we are allowed to stay open and group fitness classes are not and we’d love to share that with you.  

As seen by pictures on our website our studio space is separated by shower curtains to maintain social distancing and safety. As mentioned above, training at Peak Physique looks much different than it did a year ago and it’s not just the curtains. Nick and I are the only two personal trainers that currently work at Peak Physique. That means at most there are four clients in the space at one time ensuring that no one is within the six feet limit. 

As owners with four kids at home, you can imagine that we are both highly committed to making sure each and every piece of equipment is clean and safe. Any single thing whether it’s a band, dumbbell, barbell, rope, machine and even the markers we use for the white boards are cleaned after they are touched whether it is by a client or one of us.  

While we completely understand that many of you will miss a class we want to offer a chance to learn about the type of training we are able to provide. I’ve mentioned a few times that we do individualized and specialized programs and here is what that means. We look at our clients as a whole and not for just what their goal may be for themselves.

For example, a client may come to us with the goal of losing 10-15 lbs but from our perspective, we see so many more opportunities to make their lives easier. During our consultation, we’ll talk about what you do for a living, how you spend your days, your diet, your sleep habits, and where you have any pain amongst other things. We will absolutely help you lose weight but we’ll also attempt to tackle the issues that lead to weight gain. 

Office job? You better believe we are going to educate you on how/why your job is leading to your lower back pain. Sore knees? We cannot wait to teach you how to foam roll and reset your hips when you stand so you don’t feel that twinge while walking down the stairs. Have a surgery coming up? We will help strengthen the surrounding muscles in order to make sure you have the quickest and easiest recovery possible. I could go on and talk about posture and walking with your glutes and all of the many other things that we are passionate about within our field. There is so much more to exercise and training than burpees and weight loss and while we know most of you will return to classes when you can (and we hope you do!) we’d love to take this chance to teach you about your body. As a former group fitness instructor, I know that this is a close to impossible task in the group fitness environment.  

4 Reasons Why Private Training Gyms Are Safer

Let’s get down to it, here are the four reasons why we truly believe private training gyms, like us, are safer than large fitness facilities.

  1. Fewer People Inside: Unlike large gyms, we are able to easily keep the number of people inside down.
  2. Guaranteed Clean Surfaces: We personally clean every piece of equipment so you know it’s sanitzed.
  3. Personalized Training: Our training plan is built specifically for you.
  4. Flexible Plans: If you’re in Troy, please come see us! If not, we have fully online programs available as well.

Get Started Today

If you’d like to take a chance and learn some new things about your body and fitness in a safe and clean environment please give us a call. We’d love the chance to help you learn some tools that will help you age gracefully.  So often a group fitness class, the gym, or personal training is something that people do for not only their physical health but also their mental and emotional health. We’d love to share our passion and offer you a new fitness home while yours may not be available. 

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