What Does It Mean To Go To A Personal Trainer Gym?

December 15, 2020 in Personal Training

What Does It Mean To Go To A Personal Trainer Gym?

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Where to even start to explain what it means to go to a personal trainer gym or studio? Prior to becoming a personal trainer I had never been to a studio like ours. I was an avid Jazzerciser, even becoming an instructor for a disastrous stint. 

Oddly enough, it helps if you can hear a beat and have even an ounce of rhythm. Nonetheless, Jazzercise will always hold a bit of my heart because it helped lead me to my true love, strength training. I also tried some boot camps and absolutely loved getting my butt kicked but knew that for me something was missing. I was a mom of three, a thyroid cancer survivor, had two wobbly ankles, and a less than stellar shoulder. 

Did it stop me? Heck no! Was I in pain? I absolutely was because as I was dabbling in the different areas of fitness that I had not yet learned how to make accommodations for and would just push through and do the exercises. The result was recurring injuries, sore joints, and lengthy breaks from exercise. As I’ve written about in previous blogs, I 100% believe that bootcamps, Jazzercise, zumba, and any other type of fitness class play a very important role in the fitness world.

My Journey Into Training

In order to become a personal trainer, I went to NPTI, the National Personal Training Institute.  During one of our outdoor workouts a man with a reddish beard, a hat, and a friendly smile came and talked to our entire class. The more he talked about his gym, the more I tried to hide behind my classmates because I just happened to be wearing bright green pants and an Incredible Hulk tank top complete with pigtails in my very short hair.

Exactly how you’d expect every aspiring grown-up trainer with three kids to be dressed, right? What he was describing was unlike any place I had ever worked out, and I absolutely wanted that job. As mentioned, I had done classes, and worked out in larger gyms, and medium-sized gyms, but nothing like what my future husband was describing.  

Nick told us Peak Physique Fitness was about 1800-1900 square feet and each trainer worked with two clients. It was small and intimate and the only clients that were in the building were those working out. Many of his clients had been there for years and had formed close friendships with each other. The focus was on health and wellness and it sounded like the perfect fit for me.

I Love My Personal Trainer Gym!

And now all these years later I know exactly what it means to go to a personal trainer gym, and believe whole-heartedly in what we do. It means family and friends and acceptance. It means not having to feel insecure about your fitness level. It means being honest with your trainer about your insecurities, weaknesses, and your strengths because trust is what makes the relationship work and fuels progress. And let’s be honest, it is not a surprise to us that many of our clients do not LOVE to workout. They come to us for accountability and motivation.

Our job is to applaud their commitment to their health while pushing them and proving that they can do more than they thought. And that maybe, just maybe, they may not love working out but they may not hate it either. When exercise is not your favorite pastime and you do not feel overly secure it is a really big deal to show up and put the work in. I’ll admit many don’t ever turn the corner to loving their workouts but I promise they look forward to it and the results.

One of our goals is to keep it fun, entertaining, and challenging for our clients while continuing to work towards their goals.

In my opinion, the most important part of making the commitment to a personal training gym is acceptance, privacy, and a relationship with your trainer. We take the time to know our clients and their challenges, whether those challenges are mental or physical. Anyone that has ever gone through a significant injury knows that oftentimes our minds may take a bit longer than our bodies to heal. 

We help you get past the fear and uncertainty that can accompany trying again. Some clients are trying to lose weight again, some to recover from surgery, some to heal from a less serious injury, and some are with us to work on sport-specific goals among many other reasons. Either way, we are there to earn their trust and teach them to trust their own bodies either for the first time or again.    

So What Does It Mean to Go to a Personal Trainer Gym or Studio?

It means exactly what you need it to. We are here to assist, guide, and support you as we have so many clients that have become family. It means you’re going to have someone keep you accountable for your workout without putting you down.

You get to enjoy a personal training session when you work out in a personal trainer gym or studio. We will work with you to help you achieve your specific goals and celebrate with you when we reach them!

We strongly feel that we succeed when you succeed, and we are here to help you every step of the way.

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