9 Benefits Of Personal Training You Should Know

November 14, 2019 in Personal Training

9 Benefits Of Personal Training You Should Know

benefits of personal training

Are you looking to hire a personal trainer and wondering what the benefits of personal training are? Then you’ve come to the right place! 

There are many benefits of personal training you should know about when considering if hiring a personal trainer is right for you.

The 9 Benefits Of Personal Training You Should Know About

Personal training is not just about counting repetitions or setting the weight on the machines; it’s a holistic approach that encompasses your emotional, physical, and even social well-being.

Personal Trainers Hold You Accountable

When you’re on your own, it’s way easier to convince yourself that you don’t need to work out.  When you have a trainer, you have an appointment, and you are expected to be there.

Here at Peak Physique, we will text or call you right away if you aren’t here for your scheduled session. Working with a personal trainer makes you become accountable to someone else, and a lot of people need that accountability in order to get themselves to their appointments.

Better Motivation

A trainer will make you do exercises you NEED to do, not only exercises you like. It’s way too easy to become unmotivated working out by yourself. Your personal trainer won’t care about your excuses and should train you the way you need to be trained.

We work very hard to help your entire body, including things that aren’t your favorite. Learn more about how hiring a personal trainer helps motivate you.

Personal trainers help you stay motivated to show up and stay motivated throughout the entire workout.

Injury Recovery

Injury Recovery Benefits Of Personal Training

If you’ve experienced an injury, a trainer will know what exercises you should and should not do. Doing the wrong exercise with an injury can make it worse or create another problem. Peak Physique trainers will teach you the correct way to use your body to minimize aches and pains.

We understand that people work with physical trainers after an injury, but the trainer is gone when the time is up. That’s not us. We’ll work with you until you’re healed from your injury and feeling comfortable again. We, too, have gone through injuries and know how frustrating it can be to be unable to do the things you want to do. 

Increased Confidence

We all know how intimidating large gyms can be. A trainer can be like a security blanket. They’ll show you how to correctly do exercises you may not have had the confidence to try on your own and are beneficial for your body.

Peak Physique is a studio that aims to be 100% nonintimidating. We hope that our humble gym will become your “safe place.” This is just one of the benefits of personal training our gym offers specifically to help you. 

Staying Consistent

We’ve all done the gym in January, but when February hits, we start to skip it a few times a week, and by March we barely go at all. A personal trainer will keep you consistent and accountable.

Again, we’ll contact you when you start slacking and talk about ways to find that motivation again. Plus, when you force yourself to show up, it becomes a habit, and you’ll start to get into a good rhythm of coming and even start to look forward to it.

Safety Is Our Number One Priority

We’ve all been to the gym and have seen someone perform an exercise incorrectly to the point it makes us cringe because we know they are definitely going to hurt themselves. A personal trainer will educate you on form and keep you from hurting yourself.

At Peak Physique, we work with people at the levels they are comfortable with, but we also know when it’s time to push it a little further. We know how to safely push our clients so they get the full benefits of personal training.

A Ton Of Fun

Having a trainer is FUN. Trainers work hard to keep workouts exciting and entertaining.  Sometimes, great friendships are built between personal trainers and their clients. A great deal of trust is needed in this partnership. 

We like to have fun at work and know it’s much more enjoyable to work out when you’re smiling. Especially at Peak Physique, we usually become great friends with our clients, becoming very involved in their lives. Personal training goes beyond the gym, and we like building those relationships with our clients.

More Variety

If you go to the gym alone, you most likely follow the same routine every single time. That’s the benefit of personal trainers; we give you the variety you need to keep your workouts interesting and to keep challenging your body.

If you just go in and do the same workouts day after day, you’ll end up hitting a point where you’re not progressing. Personal trainers help you move past that stalemate to continue your fitness journey.

Goal Setting and Reaching

Personal trainers not only help you to set goals, but we also help you reach those goals. Goal setting is a sure way to keep yourself motivated, and when you reach those goals, you’ll have your personal trainer to celebrate with you. Whether your goal is to lose fat or gain muscle, your personal trainer will create a personalized plan to get you where you need to be.

We Offer More Than Fitness

At Peak Physique, you aren’t just a client. We treat you like friends and family, and that’s what you become. Our gym has a very friendly and welcoming atmosphere; you won’t feel like you do when you walk into huge gyms. You’ll be greeted by smiling faces ready to help you with your specific needs. Our trainers go beyond personal training and help you with your life. Like a hairstylist, we end up becoming your confidant or someone to gossip with while we help you reach your physical goals.

Those are just a few of the benefits of personal training; if you want to learn more, come to Peak Physique and get your first workout free!

At Peak Physique, we believe in helping you reach your goals with a personalized approach to personal training, and the reason our first session is free is to ensure we’re both a good fit. If you’re looking to obtain the benefits of personal training, call Peak Physique today!

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