Looking To Find A Personal Trainer? Here’s What You Need To Know

November 27, 2019 in Education, Personal Training

Looking To Find A Personal Trainer? Here’s What You Need To Know

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When you’re trying to find a personal trainer, it can be hard to know what to look for. That’s why we put together a list of what you need to know when finding a personal trainer.

We’ve taught you what to look for when hiring a personal trainer, so keeping reading as we teach you how to find that personal trainer for hire.

Always Ask For Referrals

The best way to find a personal trainer is by referral! Ask your friends or family if they go to a personal trainer and if their trainer is accepting new clients. Your friends and family know you best and know your likes and dislikes.

The relationship between a client and trainer can be quite personal, and it’s important that you get along with your trainer. If someone who loves you suggests that you may like someone, it’s always a good idea to at least talk to that personal trainer and see if you think they can help you reach your goals. Also, if you go to your friend’s trainer, they may even get a referral credit!

Social Reviews

Don’t underestimate the power of a good review on Facebook or Google. People who leave reviews tend to be extremely happy or have had a terrible experience.

Read a few reviews, both positive and negative ones, to get a good feeling for how people feel about that trainer. Keep in mind, though, there are instances where people can be a little crazy, so some reviews you might have to take with a grain of salt. Overall, you should look for mostly positive reviews, and they should talk about things that are important to you.

Don’t Hire Your First Choice

You should talk to at least three personal trainers when trying to find a personal trainer. Your first find may be the best one, but you won’t necessarily know that without talking to other trainers first.

When talking to trainers, remember to ask them about their certifications. Especially if you don’t know any of their clients, you want to make sure they’re certified and are able to handle any issues you may have.

As a reminder, here’s our blog about what to look for when hiring a personal trainer; we have great questions in there that you should ask when trying to find a personal trainer.


Ask the trainer if they have any clients who would be willing to speak with you. When trying to find a personal trainer, your potential trainer should have at least one client who’s willing to speak with you about the trainer.

If they don’t have happy clients, that might not be your best trainer. This is also why we recommend looking at a couple of trainers; you don’t want to put all your eggs into one trainer’s basket, check out a couple so you’re sure you have options.


When talking with your potential trainer, you want to be sure that your personalities mesh and you get along. If you’re a high-energy person, but your trainer isn’t, then they may not be a good fit, and you two may not get along.

You want to be sure you can have open communication and that the two of you are going to get along and be able to work together.

Test Your Trainer

Once you find a personal trainer you think you’ll get along with, try a workout with them and see how it feels. Do you enjoy how they train with you, and do you like how they work with you? Then that could be the trainer for you!

If you find it awkward or feel uncomfortable, that’s probably not the right trainer for you. You’re going to be working with your trainers a lot, so you want to be sure you’ll be happy going to them and not regret going.

Websites & Social Media

Check out the trainer’s website when trying to find a personal trainer. Also, look at their social media.

Is their feed filled with stuff about physical fitness? Then you can tell that personal training is truly a passion of theirs. You can also tell what other personal interests they have by checking out their profile, and you may find that you have more in common, which could make your training more successful since you’re more likely to get along.


This may not be the most important aspect to you when trying to find a personal trainer, but it’s definitely still part of the process.

You’ll want to understand how much you’ll spend to meet your goals. If the cost is too high for one trainer, you may find another that still meets your needs and is more in your price range. Don’t feel bad asking how much their personal training costs because you must be on the same page the entire time.


Since you will be going to your personal trainer at least a couple of times a week, you want to be sure the trainer is in a location that’s convenient for you. Whether it’s by your work or your home, you want somewhere that’s going to be easy for you to get to so you can attend all of your training appointments.

Choose Peak Physique As Your Personal Trainer

After you’ve done your research, we recommend choosing us when you’re looking to find a personal trainer! All of our personal trainers are certified and have years of experience training people. We work with you to meet your specific goals, and all of our clients love our personal trainers. Just check out our Facebook and Google reviews to see for yourself. We find our clients tend to turn into our family; we’re all very supportive and never judgmental. 

Contact us today; we’d love to review all the options with you! We have trainers that can fit everyone’s needs, so don’t wait; contact us today and start living life healthier!

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