Can You Exercise While Pregnant? Yes! Here’s How to Do It Safely

September 19, 2022 in Personal Training

Can You Exercise While Pregnant? Yes! Here’s How to Do It Safely

can you exercise while pregnant

Exercising while pregnant is one of the best ways to reduce backaches, sleep better, and prevent bloating and swelling. But, we know you might wonder, can you exercise while pregnant?

We’re here to tell you, yes; you can exercise while pregnant! Even if you haven’t exercised before getting pregnant, starting and sticking to a regular workout program offers many benefits that help make your pregnancy easier.

Keep reading to learn the benefits of exercising while pregnant and how to start safely. 

Benefits of Exercising While Pregnant

Exercise is vital in every aspect of your life, especially when pregnant. Many benefits you experience from exercising also apply when you’re pregnant, such as boosting your mood and increasing your energy levels.

When you’re pregnant, these benefits only increase. Some of the common pregnancy pains can be alleviated with regular exercise. These benefits include:

  • Reducing constipation
  • Less swelling and bloating
  • Shortened labor
  • Relieving backaches
  • Prevent excess weight gain
  • Lower risk of gestational diabetes
  • Reduced risk of C-section

While you may think of your pregnancy as a time to sit back and relax, sticking to a regular exercise routine can make your entire pregnancy more manageable.

Talk to Your Doctor

First and foremost, talk with your doctor. While, in general, it’s safe to start or continue exercising while pregnant, you need to be cleared by your doctor first.

There are some complications that may cause your doctor not to want you to exercise, and it’s important to talk with them first to make sure it’s going to be safe for you. Be open and honest with your doctor, and they’ll be able to let you know if it’s safe to exercise.

Once you get the okay from your doctor, follow these tips to exercise safely.

Start Slow and Work Up

In general, most pregnant women can do at least thirty minutes of moderate exercise on most days of the week. Of course, this assumes you’ve been exercising before you got pregnant. If not, start with less time, and work your way up.

An excellent place to start is walking. You can get an aerobic exercise with minimal stress on your joints and body. You can also try swimming or cycling on a stationary bike. 

If you exercised before becoming pregnant, you could do some strength training, but be careful and don’t overdo it. Always warm up, stretch, and save time for a cool down. Drink plenty of water, and give yourself time to build up.

Start with ten minutes per day, and gradually build yourself up. After a few weeks, try going for fifteen minutes, then twenty, until you reach 30 minutes per day. Make sure you’re comfortable with yourself and don’t be afraid to take a break and try more exercises later in the day.

Approach Activities Carefully

Always approach your exercises carefully. If you’re unsure if a specific activity is safe for you while pregnant, ask your healthcare provider just to be safe.

In general, you should avoid exercises that have you lie flat on your back after the first trimester. Avoid scuba diving, so you don’t put your baby at risk of decompression sickness. All contact sports, such as hockey, soccer, volleyball, or basketball, are off the table. Don’t do anything that can pose a high risk of falling, like skiing, ice skating, gymnastics, or horseback riding.

It’s also best to avoid any exercises at high altitudes that could cause trauma to the abdomen. If you feel uneasy about an activity, you should avoid doing it and instead choose something safer.

Always Listen to Your Body

Exercise is essential, but it’s more important to keep yourself safe. So when exerting yourself, pay attention to how you feel. 

Stop all exercises immediately, and contact your doctor if you experience any vaginal bleeding, headaches, dizziness, chest pain, or increased shortness of breath. 

If you’re becoming overheated, take a break and make sure to cool down before starting again. Avoid exercising outside when it’s hot or humid to ensure you’re keeping your body at a steady temperature.

Your and the baby’s health are your top priorities, so don’t push yourself too far.

Find a Reputable Personal Trainer

One of the best ways to exercise safely while pregnant is by working with a certified personal trainer. Having in-depth knowledge of the body and how it works makes personal trainers some of the best people to help you exercise safely.

We know what exercises you can do and which ones you should avoid. We’re also there during the entire training session helping you the whole time to guarantee you won’t be hurt. If we notice some signs indicating you’re pushing yourself too far, we can step in and stop you before an injury happens.

You’ll never have to worry about pushing too hard or what exercises you can safely do when you work with a personal trainer. 

Learn how to find a customized workout trainer near you to work with a trainer that’s right for you.

So, Can You Exercise While Pregnant?

Yes, of course, you can! At Peak Physique, we’re more than well equipped to help women exercise safely during their pregnancy.

We recommend starting exercise before you become pregnant, but even if you don’t, we want to help you. As a mother of four children, I know what it’s like to be pregnant and how much exercise helps you during your pregnancy.

Don’t wait any longer. Contact us today for your free consultation and first workout to start safely exercising while pregnant. 

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