What Does A Strength Training Personal Trainer Do, And How To Find One

September 22, 2022 in Education, Personal Training

What Does A Strength Training Personal Trainer Do, And How To Find One

strength training personal trainer

Starting and sticking to any new training program can be challenging. That’s why as personal trainers, we’re here to help guide you by creating a routine that works for you.

One of the personal training styles you might come across is strength training. Keep reading to learn what a strength training personal trainer does and how to find the right trainer for you. 

What Is Strength Training?

Strength training, sometimes referred to as resistance training, is when you use your own bodyweight or simple tools such as dumbbells or resistance bands to exercise. Strength training aims to build strength, muscle mass, and endurance.

Push-ups, pull-ups, crunches, and leg squats are examples of strength training since they use your own body weight as resistance. You can also use resistance bands to add more of a challenge to these types of exercises.

Benefits of a Strength Training Personal Trainer

This exercise program is ideal for people looking to tone muscles and increase lean muscle mass. But that’s not all strength training can do for you.

Strengthen Your Bones

Sticking to strength training programs has been shown to increase your bone density and improve the overall stiffness of those connective tissues. 

As we age, our bones naturally become more brittle. By including strength training into your routine, you’ll be putting temporary stress on your bones. This sends a message to your bone-building cells to start rebuilding your bones and making them stronger.

Thankfully, this is beneficial for anyone, at any age, especially if you’re at risk of osteoporosis.

Improves Brain Health

Exercising your body helps to exercise your brain. For example, people who do strength training programs have better brain health and are more protected against age-related cognitive decline. 

Strength training also boosts your mood and has been linked to improving your mental health. Plus, exercising releases mood-boosting endorphins, so you really will feel better after a good workout.

Promotes Better Flexibility and Mobility

Engaging in strength training exercises can help you increase flexibility by improving your joint’s range of motion. For the best results, be sure to stretch before and after strength training to maximize your flexibility results.

Strength training also improves your mobility by focusing on your full movement potential. Since you’re using low weights, a resistance band, or your own body weight, you can really focus on performing the exercises thoroughly.

Is Right for Everyone

One of the greatest qualities of strength training is that it’s right for everyone, no matter their fitness levels. If you go to the gym regularly, strength training can help you improve your flexibility and help your muscles recover.

Strength training is perfect for beginners since you can start slowly by using your own body weight. You don’t have to worry about lifting heavy weights or pushing yourself too hard. By starting with a few daily exercises, you can build your strength to a point where you can eventually introduce weights.

Don’t let your fitness level prevent you from starting strength training.

How Does a Strength Training Personal Trainer Help?

Personal trainers are one of the best resources for starting new training programs or enhancing your current routine. A strength training personal trainer will be able to create a program that works on helping you reach your goals. So whether you want to build lean muscle mass, strengthen your body and mind, or are looking for ways to stay active, a personal trainer will help you.

Strength training personal trainers have the certifications and experience to help you get the most out of your exercise session compared to exercising alone. We also help you to train safely so you don’t push too hard or perform the exercise incorrectly.

At Peak Physique, we’re here to help you along the way with your personal training journey. We’re here to motivate and challenge you to reach your goals.

How to Find the Right Strength Training Personal Trainer?

When looking for a strength training personal trainer, one of the most important things to remember is that you need to find someone you trust and that you can rely on. Start by asking friends, family, and coworkers if they have a strength training personal trainer they go to. Start looking around for private gyms near your home or office if you can’t find any personal references.

You’ll be training a couple of times each week, so you’ll want to find somewhere close. Look at reviews of the gyms in your area, and thoroughly read their website. Once you think you’ve found a gym that interests you, contact them and see if you can set up a consultation.

If you like them after meeting them, do a trial workout to see if it will work for you. Once you find a gym you feel comfortable working with, create a plan with your trainer, and stick to it!

Why Choose Peak Physique for Your Personal Training Needs

If you’re near Troy, Michigan, Peak Physique is your gym. We’re dedicated to helping our community with their fitness needs and have countless happy clients we work with. We offer a free consultation that includes a workout to ensure you’re happy with our training styles. 

Once your workout is finished, we’ll discuss the right training program for you, and we’ll get you signed up with our personal training subscription

We are passionate about helping you reach your fitness goals, no matter what they might be. Not only that, we love to educate everyone about personal training, so be sure to read our blog and see more about why we’re the right fit for you.

With multiple personal trainers on staff, we can train with you when you’re open. Meet our team, and see more about why we’re the right trainers for you.

Start Strength Training Today

Strength training is one of the best ways to reach your fitness goals without putting too much stress on your body. If you’re ready to start training, reach out to our strengt training personal trainers today.

Contact Peak Physique today to start crushing your fitness goals.

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