How to Hire a Personal Trainer That’s Right for You

February 18, 2021 in Personal Training

How to Hire a Personal Trainer That’s Right for You

how to hire a personal trainer

When you’re trying to reach your fitness goals, you may be wondering how to hire a personal trainer that’s right for you. With so many options out there, how do you narrow it down and take the plunge to hire?

That’s why we wanted to teach you how to hire a personal trainer that’s right for you and your goals!

Find a Local Gym Personal Training Gym

If you’re looking to hire a personal trainer, the best place to start is local. Avoid looking at the big-name gyms, just because they have a lot of equipment and spend a ton of money on radio and TV ads doesn’t mean they have the best personal trainers for you.

A local personal training gym is a specialized gym where you don’t go to workout alone, you only workout with a trainer. The trainer may vary, but here at Peak Physique, you can feel confident that our entire team will help you reach your goals. 

Look at the Gyms Following and Members

There’s no shame in doing some cyberstalking on the gym you’re looking at going to. Look at their Facebook page and their Google reviews to see what members have to say. Also, checking out their Facebook shows you how their members interact with them.

At Peak Physique, we love staying in touch with our members online, and they do too! You don’t have to be part of our gym to be part of our community, either.

Follow us on Facebook today and join our growing community! We post educational and inspirational content that will brighten your day.

Schedule a Consultation

Once you’ve narrowed down your options, it’s a good idea to schedule a consultation with your potential gym. This way, you can go inside and meet with a trainer to talk about your goals. When you do this, you not only get to know the trainer better but also get to learn about how they go about training.

Are they going to put you on a machine and walk away, or are they going to train and help you get into the right firm for your workout? Is the trainer going to make sure you’re comfortable and supported during your workouts, or are they going to push you too far where you could get hurt? Will the trainer take your injuries into consideration during your workout, or are you doing what everyone else in the gym is doing? 

Pay attention to how it feels when you’re working with them, and if you can really see yourself working with them in the long run. At Peak Physique, we feel this first workout really sets the tone for the relationship, that’s why we offer a consultation to all potential new members.

Put a Plan in Place

Once you know who you want to go with, create a plan and stick to it. One of the many benefits of personal training is creating a schedule that you can get used to. It takes time to build a habit, but when you have a trainer who helps you put together a workout plan and schedule, it’s much easier.

At Peak Physique, it’s our mission to help you reach your fitness goals, and you better believe if you miss an appointment, we’re going to call you out on it! Training takes time, and when you skip a workout, it really does affect your outcome.

Find a Trainer That Helps With Nutrition

You may not want to admit it, but nutrition plays a huge role in meeting your fitness goals. Your trainer should be able to guide you towards meals and foods that are going to help you reach your goal.

Nutrition also isn’t a one-size-fits-all recommendation either. What you eat varies widely depending on if you want to gain muscle, lose fat, or work on your stamina. This is why, during your consultation with your potential trainer, be sure to ask them about what foods will help you reach your goals.

Ask About Their Certifications

Of course, you should always make sure who you’re working with is qualified to work with you. It’s dangerous to workout with an unskilled trainer.

We won’t dwell on this though, because we talk about it in almost every one of our blogs, so just remember to always ask your potential trainer if they’re certified before working out with them.

Has a Clean Workout Environment

When you go to a personal training studio pay attention to how the equipment you use is being cleaned. At Peak Physique our trainers personally clean and wipe down every piece of equipment. While we greatly appreciate our members being willing to help with clean up we always do it to ensure the next person a safe and clean workout.

If you’re concerned about the cleanliness, be sure to ask! As trainers ourselves, we wouldn’t mind explaining our cleaning process at all.

Share How to Hire a Personal Trainer With Others!

Now that you know how to hire a personal trainer, share this knowledge with others! Every single person can benefit from a personal trainer and should at least consider it to stay happy and healthy for a long life.

Are you ready to hire a personal trainer? Then contact us today! We would be thrilled to help you with your personal trainer journey, as we have with so many others. 

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