How to Lose Weight With A Personal Trainer: Your Ultimate Guide

June 9, 2022 in Personal Training

How to Lose Weight With A Personal Trainer: Your Ultimate Guide

lose weight with personal trainer

We know from experience how hard it can be to lose weight on your own. That’s why we love being personal trainers and encourage everyone to try personal training.

We’re professionals in our field and have helped countless people lose the weight they want. Keep reading to learn how to lose weight with a personal trainer and how to get started today.

Personalized Program

If you go online and start searching for ways to lose weight, you’ll get a lot of great advice. The problem is, since the advice is geared toward everyone, it might not work for you, specifically. 

Personal trainers help you lose weight by creating a plan that’s built for your body. At Peak Physique, we always start with a free consultation and workout to help us create a long-term plan for you. We’ll give you recommendations on healthy foods to eat and activities to do on your off workout days to keep your body moving.

Each time you come to us, we’ll have a plan for you to keep you on track with your goals.

Realistic Goal Setting

Speaking of goals, another issue with looking online for resources is you can end up setting unrealistic goals. It’s essential to set a goal that challenges you but not one that’s impossible to reach. We find when people have unrealistic expectations, it ends up discouraging them rather than hyping them up. 

At Peak Physique, we set goals with you that you can achieve. When you reach those goals, we celebrate with you, then set another milestone to reach.

Long Term, Not Short Term

Let’s take a look at the show The Biggest Loser. The average person on that show regains 70% of the weight they lost during the show. While it’s impressive they kept 30% off, 70% is still a big number.

It’s because drastic and fast weight loss isn’t a long-term solution. You don’t learn how to live a healthier life, so the weight is back as soon as the show’s over. 

Personal trainers help you lose weight in an effective manner while teaching you healthy tactics to keep it off. We genuinely feel it’s easier to lose weight with a personal trainer and keep it off when you have a change in your mindset.

Efficient, and Effective Workouts To Help You Lose Weight

When you go to the gym alone, you may be tempted to end your workout early, not go as hard, or answer messages on your phone. A personal trainer won’t let you do that.

Your session with your personal trainer will keep you engaged throughout your entire workout, forcing you to keep your heart rate up and burning fat. You won’t have time to check your phone because after drinking some water, you’re back into your next exercise.

Personal trainers are there to help you exercise to your fullest, giving you the maximum return.

Variety in Exercise

This is one of the biggest reasons why it’s easier to lose weight with a personal trainer! When you go to the gym alone to exercise, we would guess you probably go on the same machines, do the same workouts, and never branch out. This gets boring, stale, and won’t progress you.

When you come to Peak Physique, you won’t fall into doing the same workouts each time. We’ll have a fresh and fun activity planned for you each session so you can see and feel progress.

Of course, over time, some of the exercises might be similar, but we know when it’s right to add more weight or do more reps. Rely on us to help you make progress.

Safer Workouts

Safety is our number one priority, and you can feel confident knowing we’re pushing you to reach your goals without putting your health in jeopardy. If we see you struggling or think you may get hurt, we’ll stop and reassess to make sure you’re comfortable.

We’ll never put you in a position you’re uncomfortable with, which is why we truly believe everyone deserves to lose weight with a personal trainer. You deserve to exercise in a safe and supportive environment built around you.

Motivation and Support

The key to losing weight is having a motivational support system behind you. That’s why you see people actually losing weight with a personal trainer. They have someone behind them helping to make sure you’re coming to your sessions and feel good leaving them.

Nutritional Advice

While we’re not nutritionists, we can provide you with recommendations for healthy food options that help you lose weight. We’re foodies ourselves and don’t want to compromise tasty food, and thankful you don’t have to!

We have a lot of healthy food recipes, and other guides in the healthy food section of our blog.

I’m Convinced; How Do I Get Started?

If you’re local to Troy, Michigan, we recommend reading our guide on finding gyms in Troy, Michigan that won’t let you down. Otherwise, definitely take a look at our ten tips to find the best local personal trainer near you.

No matter where you are, you deserve to have a personal trainer that’s focused on reaching your goals and helping you every step of the way.

Lose Weight With a Personal Trainer Today!

Now that you know how to lose weight with a personal trainer, it’s time to start today! Remember, a personal trainer helps you perform various exercises and keeps you motivated the entire time.

If you’re in Troy, Michigan, be sure to contact us today! Fitness is our passion, and we’ve helped countless people lose weight and reach their goals. We look forward to working with you today! 

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