You Asked, We Listened! Here Are Your Fitness Questions Answered

June 22, 2022 in Education

You Asked, We Listened! Here Are Your Fitness Questions Answered

fitness questions

As personal trainers, people always ask us their fitness questions, and we love it! We just wished there was a way for us to share the answers with everyone, and that’s why we decided to create this blog.

Learn the answers to your fitness questions and more.

Should I Workout Everyday?

While there are some people who do work out every day, you don’t need to. In fact, we recommend having 1-2 rest days to let your body heal. 

Now, not working out doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be active. Take your dog for a walk, go swimming, or do some stretches to keep your body moving.

How Long Should I Work Out?

According to the CDC, if you work out five days a week, each session should be 30 minutes to reach a total of 150 minutes of physical activity each week. 

This means you can be flexible with your workouts and do what’s best for you each week. If you only want to exercise three times a week, ensure your sessions are at least 50 minutes long. 

It’s also essential to mix cardio and muscle-building exercises for an overall healthier body.

How Can I Lose Weight?

This is more of a loaded question because weight loss depends on many things. Of course, it’s important to exercise and eat well to lose weight, but what that looks like for each person is unique.

Here are some of the blogs we’ve written on weight loss so you can find something more specific to you:


Do I Actually Need to Warm Up?

Yes, you do! We don’t make you stretch and warm up before exercising because we’re mean. We do it because your body needs to prepare for physical activity to prevent injuries.

Warming up and stretching doesn’t need to take long; even five minutes is long enough to get your body ready for work. Learn more about the importance of stretching before working out.

It’s Hard to Get Through a Workout; What Do I Do?

We know when you’re new to working out, it may be hard to complete a workout. It’s completely normal to be tired and sore, but don’t give up. Each time you get back into the gym, it’s going to be easier, and you’ll be able to do more.

This is also one reason we recommend beginners start exercising with a personal trainer. We’ll be able to modify exercises, so they’re easier for you to perform. Then, as you gain strength, we’ll gradually work you up to more challenging positions.

If you’ve been working out for a while, and are struggling during your regular exercise, make sure to see your doctor. 

I’m Extremely Sore; What Can I Do?

You’re most likely going to be sore after exhausting workouts, especially if it’s been a while. If you wake up feeling sore, make sure to skip any strenuous exercises that day, and make sure to stretch.

Make sure to drink plenty of water and resist the urge to lay down on the couch all day. Eat healthy fruits and vegetables to give your body everything it needs to heal.

How Do I Measure Progress?

There are plenty of ways to measure progress. Take measurements of your body and log them every day. You can see muscle growth in your arms and a reduction in your waist in small increments. We don’t recommend using the scale as a tracking mechanism, but it can be done if you’re trying to lose weight and tone muscles.

Another way to track progress is by logging how much weight you lift each session. As you get stronger, you’ll be able to add more weight and increase the reps. 

If you’re looking to improve cardio, track how long you’re running/biking/walking for and the speed you’re going. Over time you should see an increase in distance without feeling as exhausted.

Work with a personal trainer to see how they can help you track your goals.

What’s the Difference Between Free Weights and Machines?

Free weights are going to be the better option, but only if you know what you’re doing. We wrote an entire blog about free weights vs machines, and if you’re new to working out and won’t be with a certified personal trainer, you should stick to machines.

Machines have images on the side showing you how to perform the exercise, and you can watch other people in the gym use them. However, to get the best gains in all categories, working with a personal trainer and free weights, you’ll reach your goals faster and get better results.

What Are the Main Benefits of Working With a Personal Trainer?

We’re experts in what we do: helping people use exercise to live healthier lives. We know what it takes for you to reach your fitness goals, no matter what they may be.

There are so many benefits to working with a trainer, that we couldn’t leave them out:

Have We Answered Your Fitness Questions?

If you have more fitness questions, let us know in the comments! We’ll be sure to update you with the answers.

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