How We’re Keeping You Safe As We Reopen After COVID-19

May 28, 2020 in Education

How We’re Keeping You Safe As We Reopen After COVID-19


Now that Michigan is slowly starting to re-open, we’re doing everything we can to keep our clients safe.

As we draw closer to re-opening our studio and making the drastic changes necessary, we thought it might be a good time to talk about why Peak Physique Fitness may be a safe option for you if you’re looking for a gym or place to work out. We could list the “normal” benefits of working out in a small studio compared to a large gym environment, but that can be found here

For the purpose of this blog, I’ll share what we’re doing to keep you safe and what changes we’ve made that would be close to impossible in a large gym setting.

What We Miss

First, a bit about our home away from home that we miss so very much. Peak Physique Fitness Training is around 1900 square feet, and we specialize in shared personal training. Our space is not one where clients can come and exercise on their own, and we see clients by appointment only. In our pre-COVID existence, it would not be uncommon to have three personal trainers (fabulous ones of course) training two clients, and the gym would be hoppin’. 

As much fun as that was, and no matter how much we miss it, that is not the reality to which we’ll return. A packed gym with clients coming and going on the hour is no longer going to be feasible.

First Change For Reopening

The first change we are making to keep you safe has to do with our floor. Our studio now has three designated zones in which clients will be assigned when they arrive. Each zone will have a set of weights, a bench, and any other equipment your trainer deems necessary for your workout. Any equipment that is used for your workout will be cleaned before and after use, and your trainer will be responsible for bringing you the weights and returning them to where they belong.

As much as we’ll miss our clients contributing to their workouts by grabbing weights, putting them away, and cleaning their mats, it’s just not a world we’ll be returning to. Our number one priority is to keep our family, friends, clients, and employees safe and healthy and in order to ensure that changes must be made.

As our clients know, we have a front and back entrance and most have chosen where they prefer to park and enter where they’d like. Even Nick and I chose different sides of the building to park and enter. This will also be one of our major changes when we reopen our business. Clients will enter through the front door, check-in, have their temperature taken at the front desk and start warming up in their assigned zone. 

To be honest this feels heartbreaking to even type because this is not how we want to run our business; however, the lives that have already been lost and those that are still to come make

this small sacrifice entirely worth it. Clients will exit at the rear of the studio as long as the weather allows us to operate in this fashion. As the cold weather arrives in the fall and/or winter, we will of course make adjustments if possible.

Scheduling Changes

Aaaaand another thing we are doing is sectioning off each zone with a clear shower curtain-type divider from the ceiling. This will allow us to maintain and ensure social distancing between clients if they are scheduled for the same training slot. Our available time slots for training will be a bit different as well so the curtains will most likely be a precaution just in case. Our appointments will no longer be back-to-back in order to reduce the amount of client overlap and allow us the time to clean the equipment and regroup.

Cleaner Experience

Through all these changes, we believe we will be able to offer and safe place to exercise. Our clients will not need to depend on other gym-goers to wipe down equipment because we will be doing it for them.

We’ve all been at the gym and have seen someone get off a machine and leave a sweaty butt print or “swass line” (I just made that up). Or what about the heavy breathing and grunty guy a few benches down who doesn’t believe in social distancing or masks. Not to mention the multiple stall bathrooms and showers. It may sound like I’m being critical of larger gyms-I am not intentionally. My intent is to share that we can see and understand where the problems lie in opening gyms/studios. We are taking the threat they pose very seriously and are committed to taking the necessary measures to remain open. I hope every gym, whether they be large, medium, or small are taking precautions to keep clients safe.

We really miss our clients and can’t wait to see them again in a safe environment. Comment below or contact us if you have any questions!

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