Need A Personal Trainer Near Me Look No Further Than Peak Physique

April 29, 2021 in Personal Training

Need A Personal Trainer Near Me Look No Further Than Peak Physique

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Finding the right personal trainer near me is tough! There are many options, and you want to make sure that you find a personal trainer that’s right for you.

That’s why if you’re near Troy, Michigan, we know that Peak Physique is the right personal trainer near you! Here’s why.

Fully Customizable Workouts

The exercise programs we give you are customized to me your unique needs. During our initial consultation, your trainer will talk through your goals, fitness level, and any pains you have to make sure we address them during your workout.

Many of our clients come to us because they have bad knees, shoulders, or back pain. We’re no strangers to pain ourselves, and we know how to help you build your body so the pain lessens and you can live a more comfortable life.

We also believe in using our bodies to work out, so while we do use machines, we have many functional exercises, too. This type of exercise helps you build your muscles to help you do daily activities easier. For example, we’ll teach you the correct squat form, and you’ll find you have an easier time getting in and out of chairs. 

Expert Knowledge

Not only do our personal trainers have certifications to train you, but we also have years of experience built on top of that. We give you expert advice and knowledge when you train with us because we want to see you improve your health!

We know that diet is essential to living a healthy life, and in some instances, what you eat will help you reach your goals faster than working out alone. That’s why we give you nutritional advice to reach your goals faster and live a healthier life.

Even if you’re not currently a Peak Physique customer, our blog offers a variety of expert knowledge so you can learn more about personal training. We feel this is one of the best ways to get our information out to people just like you! 

Family Atmosphere

At Peak Physique, we like to promote a family atmosphere. Meaning when you train with us, you become part of the Peak Physique Family! We work hard to maintain a gym family, and we love when it grows. 

We have a loyal client base who aren’t shy and love giving us testimonials. We genuinely believe in helping others and building them up. That’s why we love to work with people and help them meet their fitness goals. 

Convenient Location

Peak Physique is conveniently located in Troy, Michigan, off of E Long Lake Rd and Rochester Rd. We are in the strip mall, meaning there’s plenty of free parking. We love being in the strip mall as well because of how close it is to other businesses, letting our clients run their errands and get in their workout!

Be careful though, we are right by a Bigby, making quick coffee runs inevitable!

We Train All Ages & Fitness Levels

Are you over 40 and want to start living a healthier life? We can help you create and stick to a fitness plan.

Are you 16 in a sport and need to do training during your off-season? We’ll build a program for you so you stay in shape and build muscles essential to your sport.

Have you had surgery or have one coming up, and you want to build strength but don’t know how to safely? We can do it so that it won’t hurt you and help you recover from your injury.

No matter what your circumstances are, we have experience helping people just like you meet their fitness goals.

Our Focus Is Always You

No matter what, at the end of the day, our focus is on you. We are there to make sure you have a great workout experience and are making progress. If something isn’t right, we’ll be there to address it and make sure you’re safely exercising.

While you work out with us doing new or tricky to master exercises, we won’t leave you to do them alone. The reason we are there is to make sure you have the proper form and aren’t over-exerting yourself. You can trust that what we tell you to do is always in your best interest.

No Judgement Policy

We want to ensure everyone who works out with us is comfortable and feels empowered to work out. That’s why we have a strict no-judgment policy, meaning we will never judge you. No matter what, you’re here to work out and improve your life. We have no reason to judge you, and we want to be part of your success!

Whether you haven’t ever worked out or haven’t in years, we won’t judge your experience level or goals. You can always trust us to have your back!

Need A Personal Trainer Near Me? Now You Have One!

Now that you know Peak Physique is the personal trainer near me you’ve been looking for, it’s time to get started with us! We have flexible training options to fit your schedule and your goals. If you need help figuring out how to find a personal trainer near me, we can help you! 

Contact us today, or give us a call to get you started; we can’t wait!

Not ready to commit? That’s fine, too! Be sure to follow our Facebook page, where we post a lot of fun, new content!

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