What Do Personal Trainers Do? Everything You Need to Know

April 16, 2021 in Personal Training

What Do Personal Trainers Do? Everything You Need to Know

what do personal trainers do

If you’ve been considering a personal trainer but find yourself wondering what do personal trainers do, then you’ve come to the right place!

Essentially, a personal trainer works with you to train and exercise so you can meet your fitness goals. However, that’s not all they do.

Keep reading to learn what personal trainers do and why they’re essential to living a healthy life. 

So, What Do Personal Trainers Do?

Working out with a trainer opens you up to a whole new world of personal training benefits. Personal trainers do many things that help you take your fitness training to the level it needs to be at.


One of the most critical things personal trainers do for you is to educate you on fitness training. They will teach you the exercises you need to do, how to do them properly, and how far to push yourself. 

A personal trainer can also help you eat properly. We know firsthand how important it is to not only exercise but to eat right to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

At Peak Physique, we pride ourselves on offering top-notch fitness and nutrition education, so you can train with peace of mind and understand why you’re doing those exercises.

Correct Form

Working out alone can be dangerous because you could potentially be performing the exercises in the wrong form. If this goes on for long, you’ll start to notice pain and could end up hurting yourself in the long term.

A personal trainer is there with you during your whole workout, ensuring everything you do is done correctly. They’ll also be there to help you correct your form when you’re so tired you don’t think you can keep going.

Proper Equipment

While working out at home with minimal equipment can work, there’s nothing like going into a gym and having access to the tools they have available. Personal trainers, especially those with their gyms, curate their equipment so you can work out to the fullest.

If you were to try to buy all of the equipment you need for a full-body workout, you could end up spending thousands of dollars and still not know how to use them properly. A personal trainer will have the tools you need to get a great workout and teach you how to use them for long-term success.

Goal Setting

It can be tough to know what’s a realistic fitness goal. Is it possible to lose 40 pounds in one month? Should I be focused on weight or inches? Sometimes, we get too hard on ourselves and think we should be doing more when we just need to set a real, attainable goal.

A personal trainer will help you set those goals and when you reach them, help you develop new ones. They’ll also help you think differently about your goals and help you understand how to set achievable goals.

Push Your Limits Without Getting Hurt

It’s easy to work out alone and say, “That what a good workout!” When in reality, we could have done so much more. A personal trainer understands how far you can be pushed without pushing you so hard you get hurt.

It’s safe to let a certified personal trainer push you to the extreme. They’re there for you to succeed, and they understand how far to push without injuring you. They’re also there as support if you need more help or need to correct your form. 

Flexibility In Your Training

A Personal trainer builds you a workout plan that works for you, your body type, and your lifestyle. If you’re very busy and only can work out a few times a week, a trainer can help you build a schedule that will help you reach your goals.

Another significant advantage to this flexibility is if you’re injured, your trainer can build you a plan to accommodate your injury.

Avoid Workout Boredom

Personal trainers can make working out fun! It’s no fun to run or do the same workouts day after day. Plus, you need variety in your workout to train all parts of your body. We like to keep the activities unique and focus on different parts of your body to give you an even strength.

Enhance Your Daily Life

At Peak Physique, we like to focus on exercises that are going to enhance your daily life. If you have a hard time standing up when you’re getting out of a chair, we’ll work with you to build the muscles and techniques you need to make it not painful.

If you had an injury, we’re here to help you build those muscles back up safely and effectively. Training with a personal trainer is one of the best ways to enhance your daily life and stop living with so much pain.

Hire Your Personal Trainer Today

Now that you know the answer to your question, what do personal trainers do? It’s time to hire yours today! If you’re in the Troy, MI, area, please contact us to help you with your journey!

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