Set Fitness Goals You Can Meet This Year With Personal Training

January 6, 2022 in Education, Personal Training

Set Fitness Goals You Can Meet This Year With Personal Training

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Too many times, we see people start a new fitness routine for the new year and abandon it after only a few weeks. The main reasons we see people dropping out is because they’re not seeing progress, they don’t know what to do, or they can’t stick to a routine.

All of these can be solved by working with a personal trainer! Learn how personal training helps you set fitness goals that you can achieve and help you create a routine you won’t drop out of.

Set Fitness Goals and Create a Plan

The first step to starting a new exercise routine, and sticking with it, is to set fitness goals that are realistic and attainable. A whopping 48% of Americans in 2019 said their New Years Resolution was to lose weight. After the last few years we’ve had, we can imagine that number going up considerably.

Losing weight is a great goal to have; however, you shouldn’t expect to hit your goal weight right away. That’s where a personal trainer comes in.

At Peak Physique, we start all new clients with a consultation and free workout to assess their fitness levels and talk about the goals they have for themselves. Then, we take that information and create a customized plan to help them reach those goals.

How Personal Trainers Help

Now, you may be thinking you can set realistic goals yourself and stick to them. We’ve seen time and time again that even the most motivated person has a hard time sticking to a routine by themselves.


A personal trainer will help you stick to your resolutions by forcing you to be accountable to someone. When you go to the gym alone, it’s much easier to skip workouts since there’s no one waiting for you. You can’t do that when you have scheduled personal training sessions.

Keeps Workouts Fresh

You should not be doing the same exercise routine every time you go to the gym. Variety is the spice of life, and that’s rings especially true for your workouts. A personal trainer will teach you new exercises to work all parts of your muscles while allowing enough time for them to rest in between sessions.

It takes a lot of effort to create exercise routines, especially if you’re new to working out. Rely on your personal trainer to help keep your exercises new and exciting while still progressing you.


Exercising on your own can be very dangerous if you don’t know what you’re doing. You could accidentally push your muscles too far and strain them, or even worse, you could use a machine wrong and permanently injure yourself. 

All the trainers at Peak Physique are certified and go through our own training to ensure they can safely work with our clients. When you work with a personal trainer, you can feel confident that the exercises you’re performing are correct and help you.

It’s More Fun!

When you think of personal trainers, no doubt the first thought in your mind is someone cheering you on while you exercise. And when you reach your goals, it won’t just be you cheering yourself on alone; your trainer will be right there with you celebrating.

When you find the right personal trainer, you’ll see that you have a real relationship with them and actually enjoy working out.

One of the best feelings is when our clients tell us they look forward to their training sessions with us, rather than dreading going to the gym alone. Just read our testimonials, and you’ll see what we mean.

Fitness and Nutrition

Simply said, abs are made in the kitchen. You can’t work off love handles or a spare tire in your midsection. Eating healthy and having a regular exercise routine is the key to reaching your goals and sticking to them.

It’s a Lifestyle Change, Not a Diet

We don’t think going on a diet is the best way to make lasting changes to your life. It can help you lose weight and get to your goal weight, but a diet won’t help you stay there. The best way to lose weight and keep it off is by understanding that it’s a lifestyle change.

The best way to make these changes that last is by starting small and switching out unhealthier foods for more nutritious alternatives.

Check out our healthy eating blogs where we go over how easy it is to make these small changes that really add up.

Why You Should Choose Peak Physique

We go beyond the typical goal of losing weight and help you understand other ways to make your body feel better. For example, with so many people working from home or at desks all day, they may think they want to lose weight because they’re not as active anymore, and their body hurts. 

What they don’t realize is losing weight alone won’t help you feel your best. You put so much pressure and strain on your body by sitting in the same position all day. A personal trainer will be able to create a plan for you that helps you lose that weight and helps relieve tension in your shoulders.

At Peak, we will look at your individual needs and craft a plan to help you feel better in your everyday life.

Exceed Your Goals This Year!

Now that you know how a personal trainer helps you set fitness goals and reach them, it’s time for you to get started today! 

Reach out to us today to schedule your first consultation and free workout, and get on the path to crushing your 2022 goals now!

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