How Peak Physique Is Staying Clean in 2023

January 10, 2022 in Education

How Peak Physique Is Staying Clean in 2023

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Staying clean is always at the top of our minds as a gym.

The world around us keeps changing, and new guidelines continue to come out; we continue to uphold the same cleaning standards we implemented since the start of the pandemic.

We do this to make sure everyone who enters our gym can be confident training with us. Keep reading to learn what we continue to do to keep you safe.

How Peak Physique Is Staying Clean

Peak Physique is staying clean by personally cleaning every piece of equipment after it’s used. This way, we know for a fact that it has been appropriately cleaned and it’s ready for the next person to use it.

We also go above and beyond by having our gym professionally cleaned every single week.

We also recently moved to a new location that keeps everyone more spread out than ever before. 

Why Small Gyms Are Safer Than Traditional Gyms

You should steer clear of the large, traditional gyms during these uncertain times. While these gyms may claim they are cleaning more and keeping you safe, it’s hard for them to manage. Unless a dedicated employee is going around and watching people work out then cleaning after them, you can’t be sure the equipment is clean.

These gyms also allow for a lot more clients in at one time compared to a gym like Peak Physique, where we’re by appointment only. We can easily keep track and manage how many people are in our gym at once. Whereas the larger gyms aren’t able to do it as efficiently as possible.

This means you could be using dirty equipment or be overcrowded in the locker room getting ready for your workout.

Check Out Our Other Cleaning Blogs

Since the pandemic started, we’ve been staying diligent on cleaning and safety practices. Here are a few of our other blogs that talk about what we’ve been doing to keep you safe:

As the world changes, we will continue to adapt to it to always keep our staff and clients safe.

Start Training With Peak Physique Today

If you’re ready to ditch the traditional gyms and work out in a safe and supportive environment, it’s time for you to train with us. We go above and beyond to ensure our clients are training safely and making progress in their workouts.

We’ve helped countless people just like you exercise safely throughout the pandemic, and we can’t wait to help you too. Contact us today for your first consultation and free workout.

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