The Many Benefits Of Online Training

September 14, 2020 in Education

The Many Benefits Of Online Training

benefits of online training

Learn more about our online personal training services to see if this training option is right for you!

We’ve recently discussed the dangers of online personal training. It wouldn’t be fair to not also discuss the benefits and why we consider it such a critical aspect of our business, especially now. 

With that being said, we do highly suggest having at least a phone conversation, if not a Zoom meeting with your personal trainer, before deciding to commit to an online program. It wouldn’t be a bad idea to ask for recommendations from their current clients as well. If the trainer is committed to your success, he/she will jump at the chance to talk about your goals, previous fitness experience, nutrition, and recovery habits and to learn a bit about who you are and what you’re looking for. 

Personal training is not one size fits all, and occasionally, online personal training can seem that way, but done correctly, it can be effective, fun, and has some significant benefits that outweigh the risks. 

So let’s be real for a second; price is always going to be a factor in determining a fitness plan for yourself. Whether it’s a gym membership, bootcamp class membership, in-person training, or online training, there is a huge variety between not only trainers but also types of training. 

Online personal training can be a money saver if compared to in-person training. Peak Physique Fitness Training has found a way to provide our clients with the accountability and custom workouts at a reduced cost through online training. In fact, many of our in-person clients come to see us at our studio once a week and supplement their in-person personal training with online workouts that we designed specifically for them. 

This hybrid program and our online training allow our clients to work around their schedules. We know how difficult it can be to find the time to make an appointment at a gym and stick with it two to three times a week. Right now, our schedules are constantly changing, and it can be much more realistic to commit to once a week in person and two workouts that you can do when you have an extra 30 minutes. Want to work out at 4:30 a.m.? Awesome-I will absolutely not be awake, but will check out your feedback in regards to your workout when I wake up. The day got away from you, and it’s already 9:00 pm, but you could really use the stress relief of a good workout? Awesome-I will most likely be cuddled up with my kiddo as he falls asleep, but will be near my phone to answer any questions you have about the workout I designed and added to your calendar. 

We can even take it one step further in terms of how flexible this type of program can be. The gyms are open now (yay), but our training schedule does not line up with your work schedule? That’s ok, too, because we can still design your program, and you take it with you to your big gym of choice and get your sweat on. Some people do not enjoy working out at home, and online training gives them the option to take their custom workouts and perform them when and where they want. A professional designs your workouts, and you do them on your own time…what could be better?!?

The most obvious benefit is that you do not need to leave your home to receive personal training and can remain safe from Covid-19. In our studio, we are taking every precaution possible to keep our clients safe, but it goes without saying that it’s more of a risk than not leaving your home. As a trainer, it can be difficult to correct form when we are not standing directly in front of a client and making small corrections as we move through exercises. 

We have had success with clients recording themselves when they feel like something may be off with their form and sending it to us. Facetime, zoom, or Google Meet are also options for us to be able to check form when we aren’t physically together in person. And we totally understand that not everyone is ready to return to the gym in person. This has been a heck of a year, and sometimes you need to ease back in, and online training can allow that to happen. The safety of our family, clients, and employees is the most important part of our business, and we are committed to keeping everyone feeling comfortable. If working out at home is where you are at in terms of returning to normal life, we absolutely respect that and will accommodate to make sure you’re comfortable. 

If you’re ready to start an online training program, then sign up today! We look forward to helping you reach your goals!

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