6 Hidden Dangers Of Online Training (And Why You Should Train With Us)

September 11, 2020 in Personal Training

6 Hidden Dangers Of Online Training (And Why You Should Train With Us)

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Online or virtual personal training has grown in popularity over the last few years. There are a few different types of online training that have been available, and due to COVID-19, there has been an increase in people training online. Even over at Peak Physique Fitness, we offered virtual personal training over zoom. 

However, not everyone who started an online training program did so with the intent of helping people. A lot of people did it simply to make some extra money, and that’s where training can become dangerous.

Keep reading to learn about the six hidden dangers of online training you need to be aware of.

1. Performing The Moves Incorrectly

When you train with a certified personal trainer, they watch how you perform the exercises and are there to correct you when you’re not doing it properly. Doing online training becomes more difficult because it’s harder to see if the moves are done correctly. 

Well-trained personal trainers have ways to ensure you’re exercising safely and have the experience to help you get in the right position.

If you don’t perform the moves correctly, you could really end up hurting yourself, and that’s what makes it so dangerous for people to teach online training when they’re not a personal trainer.

2. No Set Standards

People who train online don’t typically have any set standards, so there’s no consistency in the training that’s out there. Here at Peak Physique, since we were newer to the online training craze, we signed up with Trainerize in order to ensure we’re offering a consistent experience.

We also use our years of experience and knowledge in the industry in order to provide personalized and, more importantly, safe and effective workouts to our clients that offer a similar experience as when they come into the gym and workout with us.

3. Security

Depending on the program you choose, your connection might not be secure, and that’s scary! You don’t want someone to have access to your computer camera and potentially be able to turn it on without your knowledge

We love our clients and would never use a program that isn’t safe, secure, and simple. 

Just in case you’ve used a less than reputable program, here are some tips to ensure your camera is safe.

4. Better Chance of Quitting the Program

Okay, so this one doesn’t seem that dangerous, but in some cases, it can be. When you do online training, you have to be self-motivating. You have to be the one to turn your computer or phone on and start the workout. Compare this to when you have a dedicated personal trainer who’s going to actually care that you’re not working out.

At Peak Physique, if you’re our client, you’re our family, and you better believe that we’re going to hold you accountable! Just because it’s online training doesn’t mean we won’t call or text you when you miss your appointment. With these general training programs out there, they don’t really care if you miss your appointments or if you stop working out.

5. Doesn’t Address Actual Concerns

If you have an area you’re trying to work on or a goal you’re trying to meet, a ‘one size fits all’ program isn’t going to address what you need. Everyone’s body is beautiful and unique, and everyone deserves a customized workout that’s going to work on what they want to work on.

This is especially true if you have an injury you need to be concerned about while working out. If you’re not working out properly, you can end up making your injury worse and not actually helping you.

At Peak Physique, we’re used to working with people who have injuries or need to rehabilitate certain body parts. I myself have my own injury! We understand the frustrations that come with injuries and are here to help you through them in a safe and supportive environment.

6. No Nutritional Advice

Sometimes, working out alone isn’t the best way to reach your fitness goals. Eating properly and exercising regularly are needed to get you to your goal. At Peak Physique, we can help advise on your diet in order to get you where you want to be.

These other online programs typically only focus on working out, burning calories, and working up a sweat. These aren’t the only ways to become healthier; your diet is just as important as how much you exercise.

Train With Peak Physique

Now that you understand the hidden dangers of online training make sure you’re being safe in your workouts. Read more about how Peak Physique can help your virtual training.

If you ever have any questions or want help with training, contact us today.If you don’t already, follow us on Facebook! We post motivating and informational content that brightens your day!

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