Try This, Not That: 10 Food Substitutes You’re Going to Love

January 27, 2022 in Healthy Food

Try This, Not That: 10 Food Substitutes You’re Going to Love

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When cravings hit, we know it’s hard to satisfy them without eating exactly what you want. That’s where food substitutes come in.

Swapping unhealthy foods with healthier ones is easier than you think! Keep reading to learn our favorite food substitutes so you can start eating healthier today.

1. Fruits Over Processed Juice

Most processed juices contain added sugar; you might even be surprised to learn that 8 ounces of juice contain as much sugar as 8 ounces of coke. Now, you might be saying, “It’s natural sugar, so it’s healthier,” but that’s not the case. The WHO classifies the sugar in juices in the same category as juices in soda.

The other issue with processed juices is they leave out some of the most nutritious parts of fruits, such as the seeds and skins. You can also think of it like this, you wouldn’t sit down and eat three apples in one sitting, whereas when you drink 8 ounces of juice, you’re essentially doing that without the same nutritional value.

When it comes to drinks, stick to water and eat an apple instead. The exception to this is if you have a juicer and juice the fruits yourself at home.

2. Popcorn Over Chips

If you need something salty and crunchy, reach for freshly popped popcorn instead of your usual chips. Popcorn has 35% fewer calories than the same serving size of potato chips when looking at serving sizes.

This does come with a caveat, though. You should eat air-popped popcorn; otherwise, you’re adding a lot of unnecessary oils and fats.

3. Greek Yogurt Over Sour Cream

You can still enjoy the sensation of sour cream with your chili and tacos without the added calories and fats. Take some Greek yogurt, mix it with cilantro and taco seasonings, and you won’t even miss the sour cream. 

Plus, the yogurt will add extra protein to your plate without even trying!

4. Open-Faced Sandwiches

You don’t have to give up your favorite meals; just modify them! Take the top bun off your foods to reduce the carbs and calories in the bread. You don’t even have to change the ingredients in the sandwich.

5. Lettuce Wrap Over Tortilla

On the topic of modifying your favorite foods, you should try a lettuce leaf for your next wrap! It’s surprising how tasty and easy this can be! Plus, you’re getting more veggies into your diet and reducing the number of empty calories you typically consume.

6. Bloody Mary Over Mimosas

We’re not here to tell you not to enjoy yourself; we just want to help you make healthier choices. Plus, most places that offer bottomless mimosas also offer the same deal for bloody marys. Plus, they’re usually served with celery to help you get all your vegetables for the day!

Bloody marys have less sugar, more vitamin C and A, and more potassium! The best part is, you can even make them alcohol-free, whereas when you try to do that with a mimosa, it’s just orange juice.  

7. Hummus Over Mayo

This is a super tasty swap you have to try, especially if you eat a lot of sandwiches with mayo. Hummus is made out of chickpeas, which have fewer calories, fats, and more protein!

Plus, adding hummus will give you a fuller flavor profile than mayo does! We definitely recommend trying this easy swap for your next sandwich.

8. Thin Crust Over Regular

When you take the crust away, pizza is a pretty healthy meal! The evil really lies within the crust. They’re full of calories and have very little to no nutrients.

Next time you order or make pizza, opt for the thinner crust. You’ll find it has a better crunch to it too, which we consider a win-win for crispy pizza lovers.

9. Dark Chocolate Over Milk

This is an easy switch when you want to indulge because the tastes are similar, and it has more nutrients! Dark chocolate has also been linked with lowering blood pressure, improving blood flow, and fighting cell damage.

Of course, too much of anything can be harmful, so be sure to indulge in moderation. When you buy it, be sure to get individually wrapped ones, so you don’t accidentally eat an entire bar in one sitting.

10. Cinnamon Over Sugar

Substituting food doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice flavor! Whenever you have a recipe that calls for sugar, reach for the cinnamon instead. 

Spices like cinnamon, or nutmeg, offer the sweetness you need, without the adverse side effects. You might even find that you prefer cinnamon over sugar!

How to Get Started With These Food Substitutes

If you’re having a hard time motivating yourself to try these food substitutes, you’re not alone. The best way to start is slowly and incorporate it into your daily routine until it becomes a habit.  Choose one of these suggestions, and try doing it for a week. 

For example, if you’re used to adding a ton of sugar to your coffee this week, make a goal to only use cinnamon. Also, when you go grocery shopping, be conscious of these choices. If you don’t buy unhealthy snacks, you won’t be able to eat them at home. 

Once you start making these choices, you’ll find that they become easier to incorporate into your daily life over time. Be patient and kind to yourself!

Is This Not Working? We Can Help!

If you’re trying these food substitutes to help you lose weight or eat healthier and you’re not seeing results, we can help you! A healthy diet, along with regular exercise, is key to living a healthier lifestyle.

Contact Peak Physique today to get started with a personalized training program. We’ve helped people just like you reach their goal weight, become more confident with themselves, and have more energy for years, and we can’t wait to help you too!

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