Sitting at a Desk All Day? Here’s How That Affects Your Body

January 18, 2022 in Personal Training

Sitting at a Desk All Day? Here’s How That Affects Your Body

sitting at a desk all day

Sitting at a desk all day (for more than eight hours a day) without any exercise can be as bad as being a smoker. As more people start getting jobs where they’re sitting all day, it’s essential to understand what toll that takes on your body and how you can prevent it from happening.

That’s why we’re going to teach you how personal training helps prevent issues from sitting at a desk all day, as well as other work from home tips to help you every day.

The Dangers of Sitting All Day

Besides being as bad as being a smoker, many other dangers are associated with sitting all day. 

Heart Danger

Whether it’s sitting at a desk all day, or driving a truck, when you sit for too long, it hurts your heart. Sitting too long has been linked to increased troponin levels in their system compared to those who don’t.

Troponin is a protein produced by the cardiac muscles when they’re hurt or dying. Too much of this protein is what causes heart attacks when released into your bloodstream.

When you looked at people who sat all day but also exercised, that level decreased. That’s why it’s so important to exercise if you have to sit all day.

Chances for DVT Increase

DVT (Deep Vein Thrombosis) is a blood clot in your leg that can be extremely dangerous if it breaks free. Since you sit all day, your legs are cramped, making it harder for your body to move your blood throughout. 

The symptoms of DVT can be mild or very severe. Some people notice slight swelling or pain, but you often don’t notice anything at all.

This silent killer is why you should take breaks from sitting all day long.

Weight Gain

Of course, the less you move, the fewer calories you burn. If you’re eating the same but decreasing your exercise, you’re going to gain weight. 

Hurts Your Back

Are you constantly rubbing your shoulders or asking your partner for a back rub? Sitting all day could be to blame. Most people don’t’ sit properly at their desks, putting stress on your neck, spine, and back muscles. 

Take a look at how you’re sitting right now while reading this. If you’re slouched or hunched over, this is where your pain is coming from.

Get yourself an ergonomic chair that’s built for sitting in for long periods. They’re more expensive than regular chairs, but your muscles will thank you later.

Increased Risk of Varicose Veins

When you sit too long, blood can pool in your legs, causing pressure to build in your veins. When your legs twist, swell, or bulge, this is varicose veins.

You can also see spider veins, which are bunches of broken blood vessels. These typically aren’t extremely painful, but they can ache and cause you some problems.

Weaker Bones

The less you move, the more likely you are to get osteoporosis. As this progresses, you may not be able to perform basic daily tasks, like walking or cleaning yourself.

Don’t let this happen to you; learn how to prevent issues from sitting all day.

How to Prevent Sitting at a Desk All Day

We get it; you have to work at a desk all day. It’s literally your job, and that’s okay! There are things you can do to prevent sitting down all day.

Take 5 Minutes Every Hour to Walk Away

Not only is this good for your overall health, but it’s also good for your eyes. After working an 8-hour shift at a desk, you may notice how your eyes hurt as bad as your back.

It doesn’t have to be like that! Set a timer, and every hour stand up and walk away from technology. Take this time to get a glass of water or do some stretches. You’ll be surprised by how much better you feel once you incorporate this into your routine.

Get a Stand-up Desk

This is the best thing you can do for your body. Standing for even just a few hours a day dramatically reduces all of the risks we mentioned above. 

As a bonus, you could even get a standing treadmill and put it in front of your standing desk so you can walk in place while you work.

Get Under the Desk Exercise Equipment

If you don’t like to stand all day, consider getting one of those under the desk exercise equipment pieces. There are ones that you can ride like a bike or swing your feet around.

Be sure to look at the different types out there because you don’t want one that will be too loud and distracting.

Stretch More

When you take your five minutes to walk away, be sure to use some of that time to stretch. There are many different types of stretches you can quickly do during that break.

Start Personal Training Today

Along with taking steps to prevent yourself from sitting all day, you should start personal training to keep yourself even healthier. 

If you’re ready to start training, contact Peak Physique today! We help business professionals just like you stay active and lead a healthy life through exercise and diet. 

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