Trying To Workout Online? Don’t Do It Alone! Let us help you!

August 27, 2020 in Personal Training

Trying To Workout Online? Don’t Do It Alone! Let us help you!

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*This blog has been updated to let you know that if you’d like to workout online, check out our online personal training services since the 21-day fitness challenge is no longer valid.

As most of our clients know, we love being personal trainers and are passionate about not only the fitness industry but our clients themselves. We thrive on helping people reach and surpass their goals, feel better about themselves physically, mentally, and emotionally, and realize how truly strong they are in mind and body. 

It’s not a job or privilege that we take lightly, and we strive to be the very best that we can every single day. We want to give each of our clients the program that will guide them along the road to success. We know that road looks different for all of us. We are individuals, and our fitness programs should be as well in order to make the most progress and feel the best. I personally am a fan of boot camps and group fitness classes, but I’m also a personal trainer and experienced within the field. 

I can promise you there have been times in the group atmosphere where I’ve seen individuals doing exercises that are most likely hindering their progress instead of helping. Now, don’t get me wrong-I’m so glad to see someone working and pushing forward and exercising no matter what. I do believe that a personalized program designed specifically for an individual will produce more well-rounded results. 

That’s why we’ve created the 21-day online personal training program. It’s 100% virtual, and we design a program that’s specifically for your body! We help you workout online without getting confused by the thousands of ‘workout-fits-all’ videos. 

How Does The Program Work?

It’s quite simple actually! We design a program that’s specifically for you, your goals, your fitness level, and your available equipment. If you don’t have a lot of workout gear in your home, that’s okay! We’ll work with what you have available and ensure you still get a great workout. The workout also fits your schedule, you workout when you’re available.

The best part about this program is the accountability! Being held accountable to your workout by a personal trainer means you don’t get to just skip when you’re feeling lazy! 

Because let’s be honest, we all are more likely to do a workout when we know our trainer is checking in to see if it’s done. And it’s our job to keep you motivated to keep working out!

What Does The Program Include?

When you sign up for the free 21-day fitness program your first 21-days are free so we can show you how successful you can be when you workout online with us.

This includes a fitness plan, a nutrition plan, and us holding you accountable! 

These workouts are designed specifically for your goals and your fitness level. The nutrition plan is personalized for what’s going to work for your body. Everyone is different and we love that! We embrace the differences in people and love helping everyone reach their own specific goals.

The accountability piece is 1-1 coaching from a health coach (us!) that helps keep you on track and moving forward to a healthier lifestyle.

I’m Not Convinced – Why Should I Sign Up?

If you’re still not sure why you should sign up, let us convince you why you should! We understand the apprehension that comes with working out online, usually, you don’t know where to start, or how you can achieve your goals. Maybe you think you won’t have the time or ability to keep doing it. Or maybe you’re concerned about the cost associated with it and if it’s actually going to be valuable.

Well, allow us to address these issues one by one!

I don’t know where to start

That’s why you have us! We’ll talk with you and find out where the most appropriate starting place will be. We can work with anything you throw at us! If you have an injury you’re worried about let us know and we can help you safely workout.

What if I don’t have the time?

This is a valid point, however, the benefit of our workout plan is you get to work out when it works best for you! When you do have the time you’ll be able to pick up a workout. We also truly believe once you start the program and get into a good rhythm you’re going to hate missing any workouts!

Is it worth the cost?

Usually, when you see ‘personalized training’ you immediately think it’s going to cost so much of your time and money. That’s what great about the 21-day program. The first 21-days are free to you! You get the benefit of trying these personalized workouts and nutrition plans without having to spend the money at first.

We’re so confident you’re going to love the program we’re willing to let you try it out for free!

Workout Online Today!

Sign up to get your first 21 days free today! We look forward to earning your trust and to prove that we have what it takes to help you achieve your transformation goals!

You have nothing to lose and a great workout plan to gain!

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