Commit To Personal Training With Our Subscription Service

You’re more likely to achieve your fitness goals when you commit to a training program that continuously challenges you.

At Peak Physique, we’re excited to offer a subscription-based personal training model to help you get the most out of your exercises. 

What Is Our Commitment-Based Personal Training Model?

Our commitment-based personal training model offers you high-quality workout sessions at a discounted rate for committing to training with us for six months.

While the price is lessened, the workout certainly isn’t. You still work with a personal trainer each session, and we help you reach your unique goals.

It’s everything you get from a regular personal trainer, just at a lower price!

Learn more about why a personal training subscription is right for you!

Benefits of Subscribing To Personal Training Services

Here’s why committing to our subscription-based personal training services is a wise investment for your health and well-being.

Cost-Effective Commitment

Dive into a structured fitness regimen while relishing the economic advantage. Our subscription model offers unparalleled value, giving you premium services at a discounted rate.

Fuel Your Fire

Regular, consistent training sessions keep the flame of motivation burning bright, propelling you closer to your goals with each workout.

Goal-Oriented Gains

With a clear path set for months, your training aligns more holistically with your long-term goals, ensuring more tangible and sustainable results.

Reserved Just for You

No more scrambling for time slots. Your subscription guarantees your preferred workout slots, ensuring consistency in your routine.

Community Connection

Being a subscriber places you within a dedicated community of like-minded individuals, offering both support and a healthy dose of competition.

Predictable Progression

The beauty of consistency is predictable growth. By committing, you’re setting a clear trajectory for your fitness journey, allowing you to track, measure, and celebrate your progress.

Accountability Amplified

Knowing that you're committed for the long haul enhances accountability. It’s not just a workout; it's a pledge to yourself, and we're here to ensure you stick to it.

Consistency Meets Customization

Each session, you'll collaborate with a seasoned personal trainer, meticulously crafting and adjusting your regimen to match your evolving goals.

Commit To Personal Training Today

Every great transformation story starts with a single decision. Let today be the day you choose progress over procrastination, determination over doubt. With our commitment-based personal training model, not only do you invest in your fitness journey, but you also seal a pact with success.


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    How Much Is The Subscription Personal Training Model?

    The cost will vary depending on your unique service.

    Learn More About Our Services To See Which Is Right For You

    No matter which personal training plan you choose, your trainer will work with you to create a customized workout tailored to help you reach your unique goals.​

    one on one personal training

    One-On-One Personal Training

    Our one-on-one personal training sessions give you our undivided attention. You'll work directly with one personal trainer for your entire session.​

    Shared Personal Training

    During our shared personal training sessions, one Peak Physique trainer works with two clients, giving customized workouts during the same time slot.​

    Prenatal Personal Training

    Our prenatal personal training sessions are designed to help your changing body stay strong for an easier pregnancy.​

    Postpartum Personal Trainer

    Peak Physique is the postpartum personal trainer for you. Learn more about how a postpartum trainer helps you after childbirth.

    Sport-Specific Personal Training

    Our sport-specific personal training is great for athletes of all ages! No matter what sport you play, we can help you train.

    Online Personal Training

    Don't let walls confine your fitness. Our online personal training services give you the same great workout you'd get in person.​

    Small Group Workout Classes

    With our small group training classes you get the customized workout from a personal trainer in a supportive small group setting!