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Angela Kattula

Angela Kattula

Hi, I’m Angela Kattula, a passionate Personal Trainer at Peak Physique. My journey in fitness training spans over 4 years, drawing from a rich background of working with clients worldwide, ranging from 16 to 65 years old. Certified by NASM and having honed my skills under the mentorship of Bryce Lewis, a renowned powerlifter, I bring a wealth of knowledge and a personalized approach to training.

Favorite Personal Training Moments

Anytime I’ve had a client tell me I’ve helped them overcome long term ache/pain/injury is always a huge win for me as a trainer. Living with a part (or sometimes multiple parts) of your body in pain is irritating at best, but often debilitating to everyday life. I love being able to help people improve through diet and exercise rather than having to undergo serious procedures or take medication long term if we can avoid it.

Why I Like Training

Health and fitness have always been something I personally love, and when I look at how positively eating well and exercising has changed my life, I can’t help but want to share that with everyone. It took me tons of trial and error to get to where I’m at, and I want good information to be more readily available to the masses so that others don’t have to go through such a long process to figure out what works for them. There’s truly nothing better than learning from someone who’s where you want to be and has been through your struggles already (or someone who has helped others in your shoes).

I want to change people’s lives for the better, and I have found that few things improve your quality of life to the same degree as taking control of your health and well-being.

Why I’m A Trainer

I’ve always liked health and fitness, but I became interested in helping others when I decided to train some friends who wanted to get started in the gym. Seeing them go from never having stepped foot in the gym to making it an enjoyable part of their routines was extremely fulfilling, and I decided I wanted to make it my job ever since.

My Advice To People Who Want To Workout

Having a personal trainer is a two-way street. It’s fantastic that you want to start working out, and getting a personal trainer is a great way to start so you have guidance throughout your journey, but it’s only helpful if you’re ready and willing to put in the effort. As a trainer, it’s our duty to set you up for success and to do our due dilligence to get your to your goals.

That being said, we can’t do the workouts for you, and becoming a healthier version of yourself goes far beyond what you do in the gym. The effort you put in the gym certainly matters. I wouldn’t invest in personal training if you’re not ready to do your best during your workouts, but ultimately, you’re in the gym for 2-4 hours per week, and that’s only about 3% of your time. What you do with the other 97% is likely going to have to change if you want to see real progress, and we need you to be ready for a gradual lifestyle change and to be as honest and communicative as possible about what goes on in your time outside of your workouts. There’s work that comes with the investment of a personal trainer, but it’s priceless if you make the most of it.

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My Family

I have two dogs and two cats. They’re like my children!

My Hobbies

Cooking is my #2 hobby, and working out is my #1. I love making EVERYTHING from scratch. Bread, pasta, sauces, really anything. If I had all the time in the world, I’d make every component of my cooking from scratch. I like to have friends over and cook for them, and I tend to take on most holiday meals for my family. Being a host and sharing a meal with people I love is my favorite. I get quite creative in the kitchen, but my go-to meal will always be fried rice. It’s rare for me to not have leftover rice in my fridge, and fried rice is the best way to use up leftover odds and ends of veggies. Soup is also one of my favorite “kitchen sink” meals.

A few of my other hobbies include going on lots of walks and art (especially calligraphy), and I’m generally an adventurous person, so if there’s an opportunity for me to try something new, odds are, I’ll do it.

A Little More About Me

I did competitive dance from the age of 3 until I was 18 years old. I did all kinds of dance- ballet, jazz, hip hop, tap, contemporary, you name it, I probably did it. I was en pointe for a while, too (the kind of ballet where you’re actually standing on your toes). It’s less painful than it looks but still painful! I also did track and field in middle school (I wasn’t fast, but being a dancer made me great at hurdles).

I still run from time to time, and I love swimming (it’s by far my favorite form of cardio), but living in Michigan makes that a little harder to do in the winter. I thought about swimming in high school and I still kind of wish I did it because although I’m not fast on land, the water is a different story.

I’m very excited to take on this role and to continue my education as it relates to training. This is a field where you really never stop learning as new data is constantly being uncovered, which makes it way more fun if you ask me!

My approach is science-based, but more importantly, it’s individualized and holistic. Your training is completely customized to your needs, but I also care about who you are beyond your workouts. This is a lifestyle change, and it’s a marathon, not a sprint. The slow, sustainable approach is key to making changes in a way that suits your life, and I will be sure to meet you where you’re at. It’s going to take hard work, but I also know that some approaches work better for certain people, and we’ll do what it takes to find the approach that works best for you.

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